Ben Rose is back via a bisexual scene

Ben Rose had scenes in gay porn released from 2012 to 2016 from sites like Lucas Entertainment, Next Door Studios, Cocky Boys and Men of Montreal.




Ben is one of the porn stars who can fuck himself with his own cock.


Like Brandon Jones, he is back via a bisexual scene at Why Not Bi where Mam Steel wore a condom to top Ben and barebacked the woman.



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15 thoughts on “Ben Rose is back via a bisexual scene

  1. I ALWAYS LOVED BEN ! He was sexy, hot, sultry, cute, pretty, hunky…. almost every adjective I can think of. Those Eyes and Lips to go with his tight hot body were too much for me. Ben also gave as good a fuck as taking a fuck. He at least acted as if he liked it. I think I read where he was bi then gay then whatever. I always thought he left the scene too early. His very first work was for VIDEOBOYS I think and some of those scenes were better than the last ones at MenofMontreal.
    Welcume Back BEN !!

  2. I always liked Mam Steel, but I thought he was long gone! The last time I saw him doing porn, he had long ratty dreadlocked and the last I heard of him he was escorting.

  3. Gotta love some low key homophobia. Condoms should be used in any case, this example implies that the guy is afraid of “catching something” with the other dude.
    Still, this site makes bisexual folks look like morons.

  4. I hadn’t noticed that…it’s okay to bareback her, but not him. So…is it homophobic, or does Mam have something?
    You either wear condoms for the straight and gay, or bareback the lot…but urgh, the double-standards.

  5. This shit is hideous. Point blank.
    The guys are unattractive.
    The girl is too.
    The site is horrible.
    The homophobia is severe.
    This is a complete waste. Wonder who the next idiot will be? The next desperate guy to go to this horrific site? Any takers?

  6. I’m surprised the level of bi-phobia going around considering Bisexual is in the LGBTQ category. These are ‘porn’stars who make money by having sex. It’s a fantasy and let them do what they need to do to survive. If it’s a problem don’t go on the site it’s as simple as that. I don’t get how people are okay for straight guys like the awful Bo Sinn, Ryan Bones etc to be in gay porn yet someone who has done some gay porn and decides to do bisexual porn gets crucified. People should complain more about there being straight guys in porn and watering down the quality than the other way round. The word straight isn’t in LGTBQ. Don’t hate on the bisexuals, respect and love everyone. Especially with what’s going round in the world

  7. Hard pass on this guy. One guy I did love who fucked himself real hot was Jason Crew. I remember that scene so well. Was one of the hottest in my opinion.

  8. Most of the hate isn’t on bisexuals themselves but on the actors who for the most part play the game of ” I’m not gay or bi I’m . They are mostly “straight” guys too ashamed to use the word gay or bi so by using those other terms they dont have to give up their “straightness”. To me it feels no different then when you’d blow the football player back in school, but see him in the hall, he’d not give you the time of day(at best) because he’s no “fa**ot” like you are. Same shit, different decade.

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