Allegations of sexual assault by Papi Suave on Chi Chi Larue

A few days ago, Papi Suave alleged that Chi Chi Larue sexually assaulted him “… she likes to victimize herself because she abuses alcohol and used that as a reason to lure me to into her hotel room, telling me that she needed a friend, to sexually assault me with promises of making me a star.

Chi Chi Larue responded today via The SwordOn the night Papi talks about, it’s true that I was depressed and drinking excessively. I did ask him to come over because I was in desperate need of a friend. There was no ulterior motive in doing so. I do not remember the events playing out exactly as he describes, but I do remember that it became awkward when I expressed feelings for him that he did not share. We talked about it later and I offered my sincere apology, which he accepted.

And, these were the recent replies from Papi on the issue.


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