Allegations of sexual assault by Papi Suave on Chi Chi Larue

A few days ago, Papi Suave alleged that Chi Chi Larue sexually assaulted him “… she likes to victimize herself because she abuses alcohol and used that as a reason to lure me to into her hotel room, telling me that she needed a friend, to sexually assault me with promises of making me a star.

Chi Chi Larue responded today via The SwordOn the night Papi talks about, it’s true that I was depressed and drinking excessively. I did ask him to come over because I was in desperate need of a friend. There was no ulterior motive in doing so. I do not remember the events playing out exactly as he describes, but I do remember that it became awkward when I expressed feelings for him that he did not share. We talked about it later and I offered my sincere apology, which he accepted.

And, these were the recent replies from Papi on the issue.

16 thoughts on “Allegations of sexual assault by Papi Suave on Chi Chi Larue

  1. Papi Suave ??? REALLY ? I nor anyone I know has ever watched a single scene much less jacked off to you. You are nobody a 6th level porn worker (Not star at all) trying to get your 15 min. of fame. Do us all a “Privilege” and BE GONE !

  2. Well the #MeToo movement says to believe women and the transgendered community wants me to believe men who say they are women are women.
    The modern world is confusing.

  3. I tend to side with Papi over Chi Chi on this. First of all, I approach this as a recovering alcoholic who, prior to my own addiction, witnessed it in others close to me. When you drink to excess or get drugged up to excess, you have an impact on others, often negative. You tend to do things you would not do if sober. You also tend to not remember a lot of what you did while drunk. This isn’t Chi Chi’s first go around with addiction. S/he should know by now that it’s probable that her lack of memory is just that, not a different and clear recollection but a lack of memory. She should acknowledge that the incident may well have occurred the way Papi described, express regret, and commit to overcome her addiction to booze and drugs.
    Second, it’s classic victim blaming and deflection to say he continued to have polite exchanges after the incident. S/he is in a position of power in his industry, and he’s trying to make a living.
    Third, this just highlights how the porn industry really is bush league as an employer. In virtually any legitimate business, someone with Chi Chi’s track record of drugs and alcohol and sharing them with models who themselves were addicts would preclude any supervisory role for Chi Chi unless or until s/he could demonstrate having overcome the addiction. That might go so far as to include random testing for drugs and alcohol. S/he’s put in a position to manage and control young men who are at risk by virtue of working with Chi Chi.

  4. Exactly. All your points are perfectly stated. The allegations Papi made are very troubling. I hope he is able to surround himself with better people going forward.

  5. Is Chi Chi even still alive? She must be pushing 80 these day and as for Steve…I always knew he was a nasty piece of work. It doesn’t surprise me for a second that he’d be involved in something like that. I don’t know if Papi’s story is true, but I bet that someone else will come forward with a horror story about the pair of them.

  6. TBH I really don’t believe anything that came from still active gay porn actor about sexual harrasment… You a men so defend yourself… Don’t look like so strong on SM but weak on real life… Plus talk without prove it like nothing… Without prove I also can talk shit about anybody in porn industry.. Give us prove so we all can cancel this director… I’m not try trying to defend anybody in this allegations… Allegations with prove = guilty

  7. Sexual assaults usually take place in private where the only people present are the victim and the attacker. You’re only ever going to have their words. Whose is more credible, the guy who is accused of the assault and admits he drank to excess and doesn’t remember the evening the same way, or the guy who the drunk one called to his room saying he needed help/support?
    Also, the rest of this crap about being a man when you’re assaulted is pure bullshit. Papi rebuffed LaRue and left. Now he’s publicly said what happened. LaRue picked a “news” source to talk with that she has an ongoing business relationship with. And we know LaRue is an addict (booze and other drugs).

  8. So a trashy porn actor gets invited by an even trashier drunk porn producer to his hotel room and he can not imagine what’s going to happen next???? LOL

  9. File a police report of Papi Sauve should shut the fuck up!! If Chi Chi La Rue really assaulted him go to the police. Complaining on twitter is dumb he isn’t serious. Go to the police OR go to the media to get them to run a story. Most people who make sexual assault allegations go that route.

  10. To be fair YES men can be sexually assaulted. Papi Sauve is a small guy it is believable a small man like him could be sexually assaulted. The guy is like five foot four to five foot six he is short. So your statement that men cannot be assaulted is bullshit. Rape definitely happens in the gay male community it just isn’t talked about because we are male.

  11. Cause he’s someone you don’t know or attracted to that means his claim is invalid??? Sounds like someone else needs to be gone.
    Good job trolling!

  12. As someone who has spent many years working with victims of sexual abuse and substance abuse– including investigating and forensic interviewing I will say: We should always take allegations of this sort seriously. Until the allegations are investigated and proven valid or otherwise it’s illogical to allow those who make false claims of this nature to inform decision-making. When we blame the victims before we’ve looked at the evidence, we send a clear message to any other victims or potential victims that it is YOU who will be pulled apart in every way and you won’t likely gain any emotional relief from holding your abuser accountable.
    Tolerance/acceptance or tacit approval by silence is the wrong move. We must accept that if nothing else in this world, our bodies belong to ourselves and we and we alone have the right to determine how others have access.
    Deal with those who have lied and fabricated as a separate issue. Blaming victims before we have the facts accomplishes exactly what abusers want…the focus on someone else.

  13. i think the text messages that were exchanged between chi chi and papi suave make it difficult for any police reports to be filed.

  14. he has a history of making bombastic charges via Twitter. On the other side, Chichi Larue is and has been a grotesque stain on gay porn for too long, and to see young guys get taken in by “her” promises and lies is sad.

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