Roman Heart died last year

Yesterday, a reader of this blog shared in a post I made on Roman Heart in 2015 that Roman died last September 2019 “People on Facebook that knew him, said that he died in September of last year. But only became known publicly last night.


Today, Trent Aktins tweeted of his death.


Roman Heart was known for his work at Falcon Studios. “I was born in 1986 in Washington. The youngest of three boys, I was a pretty dorky kid while growing up. I wore huge glasses and the worst clothes imaginable. And instead of playing sports and hanging out with other kids, I spent most of my time doing arts and crafts. I even attended an arts and crafts camp.”


He had a relationship with another gay porn star, Benjamin Bradley “In the fall of 2004 I met and started dating (to most known as) Roman Heart. That Christmas he did something really special and cute for me.