A US election themed scene made in Canada

Blame it on the US on how it's handling the pandemic. Men was unable to film in their own backyard a scene about the upcoming US election. So, they turned it over to Canada whose gay porn stars are able to work.








14 thoughts on “A US election themed scene made in Canada

  1. There’s something ironic about filming US lection voting in Canada. Still, it’s not like a watch MEN scenes for accuracy.

  2. The beautiful bottom boy Benjamin Blue getting fucked and made love to by Gabriel Clark, one of the best tops in gay porn, is smokin hot.

  3. Let’s see how long it takes someone to grab some Deep Fake software and the next thing you know, we’re watching Donald Trump in gay porn. The question is…would he be the top or the bottom?

  4. Oh my days ! the thought of Donald Trump naked is just awful. the thought of him engaging in sex is utterly abhorrent.. his press conferences are hard enough to watch..
    in his own words . “aint you the cutie pie” NOT

  5. I would be more disgusted to see Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. That would make me vomit nonstop. Why is it that people on the left are uglier and more horrible than people on the right? #Trump2020 #FuckBiden2020

  6. These two guys are boring ordinary white Canadians. They should of chosen Trent King and Bo Sinn those guys are sexy hot Canadians. It would also be hot because it would be interracial.

  7. Is it just me…or do the stills for “themed” scenes like this from MEN all look like pictures some photographers stage for wedding photos? Maybe with the wedding industry on the wane we know where the photographers are finding work.

  8. That’s the irony of life.
    We continue to have the same behavior of galaxies, because only POWER or black holes attract us (laughs). And we should be more interested in finding a balance or its euphemism: LOVE. For example: The earth has that balance because it allows us to stay alive, the sun forgives us and does not destroy us with radiation and the galaxies do not explode in our temples because they know that our duty in the universe is to discover everything. We have to understand that WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT.
    Thanks to the Chinese we have the paper pages. Thanks to the Indians and Arabs we have numerology. And the idea of ​​FREEDOM thanks to the French Revolution.
    All the debates were marked by the selfishness and inhumanity of candidates Mickey Pence, Donald Duck, Tara Reed Biden & Malala Yousafzai Harris. If you look at history, the United States is very similar to the Napoleonic empire or the French, the French also believed themselves to be the best of the best and now what are they? Dinosaurs in the past controlled the world and now what are they? We must reflect: WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT and we must seek a balance or LOVE.
    Presidents have not made great changes in humanity.
    Citizens are those who improve their environment through human and social business growth. We are intelligent because we know our weaknesses and we know that we are imperfect, so we must seek a balance so as not to commit the same injustices of the past.
    My suggestion is, don’t expect a president to change the world, it won’t happen. People are the ones who change everything. The power is yours, you have it every day creating union with your society and improving considering that WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT.

  9. How can anyone call Gabriel Clark “boring” and want to the disgusting, dirty looking, limited Bo Sinn over him? Yuck.

  10. Gabriel Clark is not ordinary, he’s gorgeous. And he’s French Canadian. IMHO, he’s one of the most beautiful men in porn. Topping or bottoming

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