6 thoughts on “3 sites with Sir Peter as the latest update

  1. They’re not exactly spicy videos. He’s handsome and all, but that’s not enough. So meh, blah and either step up your game or step aside.

  2. His best scene ever is an Only Fans hook-up with Dato Foland in which he eats Dato’s cum and feeds him a big one as well. In fact, most of the Dato OF videos are among the hottest anywhere, he is so hot and such a versatile cum pig. Sir Peter needs to bottom.

  3. Dann Grey is the one who got my attention: handsome face, beautiful muscular body, big cock, plump booty and a he’s a hungry bottom.

  4. Sir Peter is totally versatile–he loves getting pounded by dicks even bigger than his own, like Gianni Maggio. I don’t know why he doesn’t bottom in his studio porn.
    He’s another one who decided to work on his body once he went fully pro. He’s way more cut and muscular now than in his earliest videos. Good for him. I respect a professional attitude.

  5. MEH. He does have a nice dick, but I feel like his best work was with TimTales and everything else he’s done has been very disappointing. I really hope he sticks to being a top though.

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