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Brenn Wyson is known for his work at Kink.


Not confirmed that it’s him but there was a comment from a Brenn Wyson on a post I did in 2012 where he shared some details about his life.

Why I like girls guys and tranns, Dom over men and sub for girls.

Hi its Brenn Wyson. I hear You HotDougBunz, If you ask anyone why i would let my self receive such toucher. I will tell you. Oh god, I’m getting excited even thinking about it. This is what I was into before porn. I always looked into why I loved It so much. There’s many reasons. 1. There’s nothing like being broken down to release all emotions. 2. My pain tolerance is extreme. 3. Would stem back on an upbringing of beating. I would remember going trough it pain and then letting go. Not feeling anything but almost being happy. Do you want to know about Brenn, well here it is. I was raped at the age of 7 by my babysitters boyfriend and it was brutal. He Fucked me so hard until I didn’t feel a thing. Anyone who has been abused can relate. That poor man, my dad killed him. I learned I can take a beating, hence why I became a boxer.

Why I like to be a sub sometimes that brings me back to wanting to feel my pain i went through. To remember. Im not sure. One thing I have to say, you can’t do all the time. In fact I think I’ve come to terms with that pleasure. I be writing a book about all this crazy bullshit.

I love porn and I love dominating men and women. Not to hurt them more for sexual pleasure. I would never take them where I have been. I just like to watch my parter or partners get aroused. I like to take them to there edge. Van mite say other wise. Mite say I’m a firecracker. He thinks i’ll blow. He’s god and he knows all. He mite be able to tie my shoe lace but he will never figure me out. Van not a bad guy. In fact he is one of the best directors out there in porn land. He just can’t control me and it pisses him off. Its a love hate relationship. I really had a good opportunity to see a softer side to him when we all camped out in the mountains of Cali for a porn shoot. He was still a wise ass but it was good to see Van smile. Enough about you van. Piss off Princess Darkness. lol… But I have to give it to give you daps. No one can do what you do. except. me. I make myself laugh. I’m a gluten for punishment, what can i say. lol…

Back to BDSM. I’m a freak in bed. I do things to women they have never done. I like to watch them squirm all all over the fucking place as the cum so hard. I dominate my partner to there braking point and bring them to there orgasmic exhaustion. The rest is sweet love making. I always cum, if not at the same time. always after never before. Unless I’m board. Then I have to fake it, spit on her back and make funny noises. Hey, I cant be the only one. All in all I like a girl who’s likes to be a sub.

Now men. I like to fuck them, Humiliate them and let them no they have no control. I like braking Them to release all there inner emotions that have held them back to really in joying them selves in having a good sexual experience. I still want control and I lay them down softy on there back and ride there Fucking hard cock and fuck them. rubbing them all inside me. I keep them hard and don’t let them cum until I come. Once they come I tell them to go and don’t let the door hit you in the ass. You know not to say a fucking word or I’ll get wicked pissed.

The sex between men and women is totally different. Will a man its just dirty hard core orgasmic sex. Wham Bam thank you Man!!! I Love it. A women Is someone you just want to please and Fuck them with all your emotion. I love fucking women. I love taking holding them. I love playing house for a weekend. Not all the time because the’ll start getting into all your shit and wanting control. Not saying they are not meaning to take control. Women want to control all things around them because it makes them feel safe. Except in bed the love to be dominated. I love that pussy. Omg. What am I saying, they love dirty sex to. Yum… Its so much fun making a girl piss all over you. I love rubbing my balls and asshole all in there face. I love eating ass men and women alike. Its so different on how its done and how they act.

So what I’m saying is I need a little bit of both. A girl and a boy and sometimes. Sometimes 2 boys and sometimes 2 girls. Tranny to. Ill toss a midget in is I have to. Dam, Now I want a girl midget. lol.. Girls will say they don’t like dirty sex but they love it all. Girls just need to feel safe with you.

Straight boys. Come on so me one. I sucked more straight boys dicks and they sucked mine. More than I can count. Guys just like to get off and If he’s been drinking, he is thinking. Then he’s going to say. “Keep it on the down low.” I had more sex in high school then I do now with men now.

So don’t be so uptight about sex. Who cares who people are with. There’s nothing wrong in liking someone and having feelings for them. There’s nothing wrong for being free. Look at me a big tough guy and I don’t care who knows. All my friends in Boston know and all my friends down here know. I lost a lot of friends because of being me. Wow big captain of the football and wrestling team gone gay. A lot of them said hurtful shit calling me a fagot all the time. Telling my family. That hurt, losing them. They where just to young to know about sex and teaching them hate so early on. Let people be. You have know idea what one person goes through with the words you use about them to try to hurt on what you wished you where. Free. FREEEEEEEEDOM. Jk. Felt like Brave Heart for a second.

I hope one will read my words and stand up for them self and love who you want to love and kiss how you want to kiss. Touch who you want to touch and be who you want to be.

I’m back in the porn biz because its me. I love having sex. I have a pain fetish. A fetish to dominate. A fetish to fuck and get fuck. I love fucking girls in the ass. I love piss. I love stuff I don’t want to talk about. I Love it ALL! I love soft sex. I even love sex where I hold my big cock inside you or in each other where you barely move and all you are doing is looking at one other in our eye’s and kissing passionately. I love how one melt into it your sole like you are one with them. Sex Its a part of life, don’t piss it away unless you going to piss on me.

Thanks for being fan or not fans. Thanks for giving your thought. Thanks for giving me a career…

Check out my Facebook fan page, (Michael Fox’s September Sky) Its 3 chapters of my book. Im having a Art show and selling my personal peaces of art I have painted over the years and raising money for sexually abused kids. I feel they need a chance and If I’m strong enough to deal with my abuse. We can help them grow with the proper services they need to become strong and live a good life.

Take care and and watch my dirty ass sex!!! I don’t think my last sentence goes well with that ending, but fuck it. My grammar suck, fuck that to. Now you know a little more about Brenn Wyson or my real name Michael Fox. xoxo…

In that comment, he also shared his real name and if you search for it on Facebook, fans have been sending messages of condolence since 2018.

[h/t to Cherrystick]