13 thoughts on “Love for feet at Corbin Fisher

  1. I don’t know. As a gay man what really gets my attention at first sight is the body, the face, the dick, but ‘ to each his own ‘… For me the dick and crotch, the lean body and the light skin of ‘ the sucker’ got all my attention. Sucking cock is much more stimulating to do and to see.

  2. Don’t mind feet at all. I have a problem with CF using the name of a model who passed away. (Sean).

  3. Corbin has always been a fan of toe sucking. Back in the day he often had even porn gods Dawson and Connor sucking toes.

  4. I wonder if models choose their own names or have them assigned. There have been 4 ‘Sean’s at CF – the one who died was not the first.

  5. Not.
    While not a turn off, feet are about as exciting as elbows and kneecaps. So, like with many other things in a porn scene, feet are a waste of time. Next.

  6. For me, sucking on toes is the same as sucking fingers. It’s hot because it’s hot sucking on things, not because it’s feet.

  7. Fuck the foot stuff, I haven’t seen Dane eat cum in a long time and he slurps up Kyler’s eagerly here while Rocky creampies him. I thought Dane was str8? Wish Rocky at in this one, they id some nice clean up of his complexion, shaved his little beard and did not touch his pubes which he shows beautifully in his reverse cowboy on Kyler’s cock.

  8. Sean who died is number 3. There are many names repeated among the Corbin Fisher models, but curiously the most famous don’t fit this rule (Dawson, Lucas, Connor, Cain) or at most they are the number 2 model in the name (Aiden, Travis, Josh, Elijah, etc.)

  9. Look no disrespect to anyone who’s into feet, you do you, but I don’t get it, I get no sexual desire from feet, any please feel free to fill me in to what I’m obviously not seeing?

  10. I like nice feet, but don’t want to do anything except look at them. I love a nice ass with hairy legs down to a nice pair of feet. During the summer, I love looking at guys around town wearing shorts and flip flops.

  11. I feel like back in the day, whether there was footplay was pretty indicative if a CF was going to actually have intimacy – real kissing and passion. There’s a noticeable lack in both these days although I feel like Rocky tends to have at least a minor focus on his partner’s feet in scenes. Into it as long as it’s a result of the models being into each other, not if it’s just a checklist item.

  12. The two guys not lying down are hot, but I couldn’t give the slightest fuck about their feet.

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