10 thoughts on “Gay Hoopla vs. The Guy Site

  1. Haven’t seen the new scene but it’s prob the one where Jacob is bottoming. That boy was made to bottom.

  2. Jacob looks hotter than ever.
    Are we sure TGS and GH aren’t owned by the same people¿
    The diagram posted by one of the owners in the thread you linked was disgusting and very low for a studio owner. I believe the rumors about a toxic work environment at their company cause wtf at that tweet. I’m happy I never supported them.

  3. One more thing: I would rather call the shots by operating my own Onlyfans. What’s wrong with that¿ Most guys make way more on OF than a studio has ever paid them. Also the tweet is ironic given that a few of their new and old boys have Onlyfan pages. Didnt they find Chase Arcangel on Onlyfans¿ Kellan has an Onlyfans. So that tweet was a bit hypocritical.
    Now I’m wonder why did models like Jacob and Tony leave their company.

  4. Actually from what I remember, they’re finding new guys from Instagram, being that its FREE. The problem I have with OF is that you have to be a member to see what videos are offered. A much better alternative would be manyvids or the pornhub subsidiary modelhub. Those at least show previews of the scene and you can often buy them on a one by one basis depending on what appeals to you. With OF I see a lot of guys just offering minute long jerk off scenes over and over, which generally means that you’ll subscribe for one month and then leave. The only OF star I’ve seen offering content worth subscribing is Rhyheim Shabazz.

  5. IDK, the 2257 link for TGS gives a Tampa Florida address. different from the Arizona address of the other sites. But that’s just some guy’s condo, so who knows what that means. As for a toxic work environment, you never know what that means. Is it straight site owners treating genuinely gay models (or even G4P models) poorly? Is it disagreements about money, e.g. once they have the models hooked, they offer less money? Or disagreements about the roles site owners want models to perform, e.g. models not wanting to bottom and site owners insisting they bottom or they won’t get paid. We’ll never know the honest truth.

  6. The problem is with Tony, there are scenes of him fucking pussy, doing really well at it, and enjoying it. At least in Jacob’s case, I don’t think there are any scenes of him fucking pussy and he seems to enjoy bottoming.

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