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  1. He said on SM that he will still keep his OF/JFF going, and a model from NDS said they were glad they worked with him there before he signed with Falcon and he responded that it’s in his contract that he can work there again with notice. So… all in all, anything that gets this man some coin so he can keep making hot content on whatever platform is a HUGE thumbs up for me. He is truly the hottest model I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. And he *loves* having sex with men- any position, any grouping. He just loves it, and that is SOOOOOOO hot! I love him. I lurve him. I am in!

  2. I like how FalconGroup is locking in these hot OF/JFF men as exclusives.
    Fan site work basically shows they can perform. And perform well. As Struan said, Beau Butler (and Cole Connor) loves fucking men, comfortable going all in and doing everything with little/no inhibition.
    Falcon focuses on utilizing gay men to make good movies. Their performances are consistent and a majority are versatile. This gives the studio a lot to work with.

  3. If you squint, he kinda looks like Danny Miller from Emmerdale. Fulfilling fantasies of anyone who wished he was gay in real life?

  4. Personally Danny Miller was like #1 in my spank bank a few years back.
    I went on vacation to England a few years ago and saw his face while channel surfing at the hotel. What a pretty pretty man.

  5. Meh. Call me when these people who claim to love men sooooo much actually engage with their partners other than some lame kissing and being just a dildo/fleshlight.

  6. You have *clearly* never watched any of Beau’s scenes. Maybe you saw a 10-second clip of twitter, or you’re making this ridiculous assertion based on his pics and what you THINK he’s like, but lemme spit some facts: Beau is one of the most engaged and passionate performers out there. Period.
    You can say he’s not your type cuz you like smooth, skinny twinks, or 6’5″ muscle beasts with 10-inch cocks- whatever. But do NOT cum for his commitment to the game.

  7. I love how you assumed I have a thing for twinks because of my prev comment. I dislike twinks, just as much as I dislike people that train their body through hours at the gym and roids to become muscular and then not using it. Care to provide some examples that show him being so passionate and engaging with his partners?

  8. My God, have we finally found an openly gay gay porn star and one who won’t go straight or trans4pay?
    I’m begging for no bisexuality or pansexuality Tweets and just hardcore man-on-man action, from a guy who really loves his work.

  9. Just an FYI on Cole Connor- who I used to be a huge fan of- he blocked me on Twitter because I questioned why another model was promoting a scene with Sgt Miles, who’s on record saying horrible things. Cole said, “Well, my friend is not abt any of that so I’m not worried.” I pushed back and said it was disappointing that he wouldn’t hold his scene partners to a higher standard and he accused me of calling all his friends racists.

  10. The quality of men in porn has been so unfortunately tragic for the past couple years, combined with some really awful amateure stuff for the past year. Butler is a rarity that studios had better not mess up. He is such an effortlessly sexy man, and I hope that he is an indication of where porn is headed.

  11. This morning I started a big fight on Beau’s twitter feed in response to another model working with Sgt Miles. I posted some of Miles’ offensive tweets that showed him callng BLM/Antifa terrorist groups, continually using the racist nickname of COVID, stumping for Trump and calling Biden a racist, and pushing the Big Lie that led to the insurrection. A couple of OTHER models jumped in and heavily criticized me, including calling me a “fag that’s just angry at the world”. Beau “liked” those tweets.
    I will never again support any scene financially that Beau Butler, isaacX, Chris Damned, or Cole Connor is in. Other ppl can do what they want, but it comes down to this: every single one of them posted ALL THE HASHTAGS abt #StopAAPIHate and #BlackLivesMatter but when I pointed out that working with a model who *actively* harms those communities AS WELL AS SUPPORTING AN INSURRECTION, I was made fun of and told to fuck off.

  12. I actually didn’t assume anything and if that’s what you inferred by my comment, you’re mistaken.
    However, it’s all a moot point as this morning Beau showed that he might be physically attractive (to me, at least), he is not a good person, and that makes it impossible for me to find him sexy any longer. So, you can go ahead with your initial assessment of his “Meh”ness and it’s nothing to do with me. Peace.

  13. And so, as quickly as we think we find a decent guy, he turns out to be a cunt. Why are these guys all Sergeant Miles’? Is it a prerequisite?

  14. Can you provide a link to this? To be clear, he didn’t jump into the conversation, correct?

  15. No, he never once actually commented on the thread itself, but he ‘liked’ all of the comments that trashed me (I’m petty and I checked). We traded some DMs in which he called me some names, but I’m not going to post those.
    After I slept on it, I went and deleted all of my comments, although the responses from the others are still there. (I took screen grabs first, though.)
    I get why they all wanted to rally around “their friend and fellow performer”, but it just seemed like everything I wrote was being taken out of context in an effort to shift all of their anger onto ME, rather than Miles. Keeping the comments up just seemed to be adding fuel to the fire, and it was just… the exact opposite of what I had intended.

  16. I wish someone would compile a list of the various performers who made homophobic, racist, bigoted and generally disgusting comments. Of course with proof, screen caps, pictures, videos, interviews etc.
    And include guys that are gay for pay or use vague language to describe their sexuality.
    I would do it, but:
    1) I’m a complete idiot when it comes to techy stuff.
    2) I don’t really watch much porn these days, but when I do I would prefer to watch guys who aren’t jerks
    3) I don’t have that much time. But I would be happy to forward any information that I discover.
    4) I’m lazy
    5) Did I mention I’m a complete idiot?

  17. You would have to pay for his OF to really see, but I would say his RS and ND scenes are evidence. But they exist – he’s a great performer who clearly is gay and loves gay sex.
    He might be a less pleasant person in real life based on the Twitter anecdote, but I give him credit for her performances and physique.

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