Chris Damned barebacked Adrian Hart 3 times

Adrian Hart had a scene as the bottom to Chris Damned released last month by Bromo.


There will be 2 more scenes to be released of Adrian as the bottom to Chris.

The first one will be released this Friday by Men where Chris wore a green morph suit and fucked Adrian while Adrian was delivering the weather update.






And, the second one will be released at the end of this month by Hot House where Chris delivered a package at Adrian's office and noticed gay porn on Adrian's computer.





15 thoughts on “Chris Damned barebacked Adrian Hart 3 times

  1. I’m sick of both of these men. I know the pandemic has limited the amount of guys who can film but damn. This is just ridiculous. There’s no allure to them anymore and it doesn’t matter what scenarios you put them in, it just gets old.

  2. Yet. More. Chris. Damned…and he’s topping yet again.
    Can someone just give this guy his damn pink slip and give us all a break?

  3. I must confess that I felt this scene needs the contribution of a tranny. A girl with a dick would fill all the gaps there…Maybe ‘a mother’ would suffice if the said mother would have a dick. I really think a woman, a ‘ mother ‘with two ( 2 ) real dicks would be terrific.

  4. I am sorry but I don’t understand the anger? Chris and Adrian clearly get work because they are professional! It is a pandemic so I am guessing they are vaccinated and got checked for STDs. I can understand the boredom of Adrian bottoming yet again but maybe he wants to? Chris actually bottomed for Sharok I think twice on only fans? Remember the studio I think decides if a model tops or bottoms. The models agree in a contract which position he takes. They are sex workers making their money. I can’t get mad at them they need the money. Remember porn models aren’t rich they only get $700 to maybe $1500 a scene if they are lucky.

  5. Welp, all those times I defended Chris Damned on this site just blew up in my face. On Twitter, I was suggesting that a model who just did a scene with Sgt Miles shouldn’t be so eager to promote working with someone who called BLM a terrorist group, continually uses the racist name for COVID, pushed the Big Lie which led to the insurrection, and stumped for Trump. In return, Chris Damned jumped in to “defend” the model and called me an asshat, fucking idiot, and “fag who is angry at the world.”
    Sorry, but I’ll take all of that name-calling 100X over to call out Sgt Miles. It’s one thing to say, “I didn’t know who I was gonna film with until I got to the set!” (which seems like a complete lie, but whatever) and it’s another to actively promote the scene and get Sgt Miles future work.
    Chris Damned is someone who will tweet #BLM and #StopAAPIHate but then turn around and happily work with someone who targets Black ppl and Asian ppl with harassment and abuse.

  6. “…they only get $700 to maybe $1500 a scene”
    Is that right? I was under the impression it was even less. A few years ago John Magnum tweeted (about the money for porn drying up): “[Go ahead and} get into porn if you like sucking dick for free.”
    All the ink is really regrettable, but I think Chris Damned is very handsome and a hot man, and on Twitter (comment below excepted) he has seemed like a nice enough, level-headed guy.
    His studio porn is really disappointing and lackluster, though, especially all the twink stuff. He had a good scene with Sean Maygers for RSS, but otherwise he’s, sadly, been really boring.
    I like the OFS and JFS stuff he’s in where he’s really into the guys he’s fucking with and bottoms (Vince Parker, Adam Russo, e.g.) He has the potential to be good sex, but the companies hiring him aren’t playing to his strengths.

  7. That’s really disappointing to hear about Chris Damned. Last year there was a bit of a dustup where he got into it with Dallas Steele because Steele wouldn’t have a COVID test before they fucked. I guess I thought he had more on the ball.

  8. I’ll tell you what the difference is: being exposed to COVID was something that personally affected Chris Damned, so he cared about it. Period.
    When it comes to #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAAPIHate, he will not ever actually experience what it’s like to be targeted for being a minority, so he’ll post the hashtag and give lip service, but when it comes to actually doing something substantial or possibly inconveniencing himself, he can’t be bothered. It’s all Performative then.
    If he gets more upset at ME for pointing out the tweets than at Miles for making the tweets, it tells me everything I need to know about him.

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