13 thoughts on “If you miss Jackson of Sean Cody

  1. Most of these SC men let their bodies go. Brysen isn’t as muscular as he used to be, Jax isn’t as ripped, Asher has always had a flabby body, Sean has looked like shit for a few years now, and now Jackson is back looking less muscular. It could be the pandemic and their gyms for most of the men. They should work out at home. Only Deacon and Blake have kept up their bodies out of the regulars.

  2. Different priorities. And I don’t necessarily think that if it’s not 3% body fat then they let themselves good you need to know that all the “flabby” stuff is actually what most athletic/jock guys look like outside Summertime and constant roid use

  3. I should have rephrased that comment regarding Brysen, Jax, and Jackson. I still think their bodies look good (they just lost muscle). I don’t think Asher’s body ever looked good on SC. I’ve seen pictures of him on his Twitter in good shape. He should look like that in front of the camera in gay porn. Sean has had a saggy looking body for a few years now. He looks like an old drunk now. I think some men look good regardless of body fluctuations. I think Josh Brady looks good when he’s lean or a little thick.

  4. I’ve always thought that Jax was a massive transformation. Not his body so much, but when he started, he was what I thought was a natural blond…but it turned out to be dye and he’s actually a brunette. I also think he’s not aging all that well.
    I think Jackson looks fine! I wish he wasn’t shaving his chest and he’s not really a top. It’s a shame that he’s not back and being skewered, but his body really is fine…and would only be better if He. Stops. Shaving. It!

  5. what is their obsession with the guys shaving off their body hair. As their models transition to dad bods, they need their body hair to look at all enticing.

  6. I’ve always thought that Jackson would look so much handsomer without all that facial hair.

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