12 thoughts on “A newbie whose first 2 scenes were with Devin Trez

  1. Who can blame him? If I somehow managed to have sex with Devin Trez you can bet the farm I’d be making sure it was more than once.

  2. Why would a married man work in gay porn? His husband is cool with that? No other career options than being a sex worker? Why get married and then become a male prostitute?

  3. There might be something lacking in the relationship. Maybe it doesn’t fulfil one guy’s sexual needs, or the need or want not to be faithful. It might essentially be an open marriage, which I personally don’t find healthy.
    If you get married, commit to it.

  4. Trolls here we go but I’m not a fan of Devin Trez. I’m just not feeling him.

  5. Why shouldn’t a married man work in gay porn? If he and his husband are both cool with it then there’s no-one being hurt. Monogamy, in any relationship, is a choice and can be agreed or not as the people involved prefer.
    Looking at the rest of your post you clearly have issues with porn and with sex workers however, which makes me question why the fuck you would be spending your time on a site like this.

  6. Al Parker and his partner were in the Porn business together. Steve encouraged Al to explore and make movies.

  7. That’s what I don’t get. People reading a porn blog being so judgmental about the performers’ lives.

  8. I will always remember gus a the og Lana stan. It’s still cringe to me that everyone of her stans turn porn starrs always use the name “Del Rey”. I see all over chaturbate too esp with female performers lol.
    He was the OG twitter stan. I still can’t believe he’s doing porn now. He was a pharmaceutical student twitter gay that stans Lana. What happened lol?

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