Zander of Corbin Fisher is now known as Pax Perry (tip @ Cody)

Zander was introduced by Corbin Fisher in 2019.


He now 20+ scenes at Corbin Fisher and his most recent scene was released last May.







He joined Twitter last November as Pax Perry and referenced his name at Corbin Fisher.


His last live cam show at Flirt 4 Free as Zander Fisher was last May and he did live cam show 2 days ago as Pax Perry at Chaturbate.



Two weeks ago, his solo as Pax Perry was released by Pegasus Studios.

27 thoughts on “Zander of Corbin Fisher is now known as Pax Perry (tip @ Cody)

  1. Zander has a beautiful ripped muscular body and did some hot scenes at CF bottoming for Travis, Barron, Malec, Ethan, Jesse and the magical Elian. He also did two hot scenes with the Great Dane, once topping Dane and the other one bottoming for Dane.

  2. Thank goodness this homophobe is out of CF. Hope he’ll not show his face again there.

  3. “magical Elian” “Great Dane”
    The only thing that CF had magical and great in the last years was Max who is an actual gay and decent, the rest you cited are all bi/G4P mediocre performers.
    CF is so boring,dull and ugly now.

  4. IMO there’s nothing mediocre about the magical Elian or the great Dane. They are both hot looking guys and great performers. I have no clue what their actual sexual orientation is nor do I care. I do agree with you that Max was magical and great. He especially shined in his individual scenes with Elian and Dane and an awesome three-way scene staring Max, Elian and Dane.

  5. So funny I’m gay and not a fan of taking it up the ass but this homophobic twat has had more cock up his ass than most gay men lol the irony

  6. Why do so many gays knowingly love and support the straight performers who hate gays, but are hot?? There may be an element of destructive self-hate. What a fuxxed up bunch.

  7. Agreed – Max was the last decent performer. These others a just fugly and borning

  8. They aren’t really straight. Thats a BS narrative designed to make them more desirable because they are unattainable.
    The “straight” or bi sex they have is as simple as a Gay Man fucking a Woman. It happens all the time.

  9. According to his profile – not only is he straight – he also weighs 77 pounds and is 4ft 9 and has a 4 inch dick and is Versatile.
    What we have here is a skinny gay midget

  10. “Why do so many gays knowingly love and support the… performers who… are hot?”

  11. Interested in: Women
    That’s all you need to know. All the other information like his political widening is tied to it. So glad g4p era and it’s sites are dying. Maybe it was necessary or in in the 2000s. But the 2000s were homophobic, couldn’t even openly serve in the military let alone get married. How times have changed and so should the porn. Get rid of these archaic g4p sites and the awful men they hire.

  12. He’s not really attractive. The ripped gym body is the only thing that makes him appealing.
    He has the looks for straight porn which is where he would probably go with his OF which is the direction for all current g4p whenever they leave the established g4p sites.

  13. It’s not even smart. When people search on Chaturbate for specific rooms, just “women” won’t make him even appear. He’s a thick-as-shit homophobic, who doesn’t even know how to gay-bait.

  14. Interested in women only, huh? I usually give shit like this a pass, but gurl, gmamfb. I’ve never met or seen a hetro who moans louder or whose eyes roll further back in his head when he’s getting pounded… or who’s as close to breaking a hip, scrambling to turn around and drink every drop of jizz another guy can feed him afterward. Straight? Uh-huh, hunty. Me, too.

  15. I saw his stats and was looking at his pix to see if they are anywhere near accurate. Sort of baffling.

  16. Miss Zander’s face looks like the Lady Elaine Fairchilde puppet from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

  17. Setting aside the protracted commentary on his politics, possible homophobia, authentic sexuality, etc…
    I’ve never understood his appeal. I can only guess CF’s current era of lowered expectations. I’m not into his appearance or his performance. With girls or guys or baboons. LOL

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