Fernando of Beefcake Hunter as Chad Savage (tip @ Jackie)

Fernando first had an oral scene in 2020 with the owner of Beefcake Hunter.



It was followed this year by Beefcake Hunter by another oral scene and 2 anal scenes with the owner of the site.





This May, he had a solo at See Him Solo as Berry McKockiner that included the names Fernando and Chad Savage as his aliases.



Chad Savage was the name he was given at See Him Fuck, sister site of See Him Solo.




20 thoughts on “Fernando of Beefcake Hunter as Chad Savage (tip @ Jackie)

  1. I only hate on guys who claim to be gay and do an about-face. I don’t care about crossovers otherwise if they’ve never claimed to be gay.
    I’m sorry if you’re too thick to get that.

  2. Chad Savage was the name of a porn star from 1999 through the mid 2000s along with what they pushed as the kid brother of Luke Savage who came along before him. They actually had a sex scene together in “Two Brothers: A Savage Night,” so with various taboos maybe they weren’t really brothers. They always seemed a bit detached. Anyone know if they were really aay? They were hugely popular with more than 20 full length films each.

  3. This guy is not impressive. Hopefully porn can get to a place where performers are actually attractive.

  4. Crusty Thong and his always so bloody miserable band of jail-birds, who are physically incapable of tearing their eyes away from the straight porn playing off screen.
    Although, can you really blame them for not wanting to look at that cheesy cheese wire?

  5. I kinda feel sad for the guy, a young guy with pretty much nothing going for him trying to make a buck in porn. He’s says in the video (semi-seriously) that he told his teacher he wanted to be a drug lord or a porn star, so this is obviously safer and legal. But he’s barely porn-worthy, with a slightly above average dick and no physique he really needs to hit the gym. He could still have a career since it works for guys like Tyler Nixon and he could get work by charging less than more experienced guys. Hope for the best, but he’s signed with the same modeling agency as Jayden Marcos, so he’ll have to compete against some real pros.

  6. It’s true, porn stars used to be SO beautiful. Men so beautiful that you almost couldn’t believe they were doing porn, but now…the “stars” are visibly unclean and unkempt, hobos, crack whores and literally recruited out of jail.
    We’ve gone from stunning to skank.

  7. Hey, I wondered where the guy who emptied the trash cans at Wendy’s went.
    There he is, Joe Fucking Normal.
    Porn Star ? Hardly……

    “sing” to the tune from the Grinch that stole xmas….

  9. He was BCH worthy but not porn industry worthy. The weight loss made him look worse and older. Early 20s and already showing signs of balding yikes.

  10. It’s hard to tell if it’s genetics, or lifestyle. My first thought would be meth, second heroin and third malnutrition.
    It does make you understand why Crusty makes them wear condoms…

  11. Chile, gay porn has really taken a nose dive. Now they’re hiding people you would see at a Walmart in the midwest. He’s at home in the straight world, the guy is usually less of a feature; although, he is on SeeHimFuck.

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