15 thoughts on “Then & now on Kane Fox

  1. He’s an AWG, but when I saw the he/him + bisexual, he’s just a fugly.
    Ideological performers are all homophobic trash.

  2. I like him, always have. He needs to stop shaving his head. His body is hot, cute face, and that cock is Steel!
    Cheer Up Kane, you got it all…

  3. a good looking man..a good bottom…a good top…what is there to complain about?

  4. I wish Trevor Harris’ on-again/off-again/on-again boyfriend would have given Helix Studios more of a chance, instead of getting himself mixed up with Trevor’s craziness about the studio. They have so few Alpha males – Travis, Josh – that Kane would have enjoyed a long career with them. And yes, I wish he enjoyed bottoming more as well, but he took Cade Maddox pretty well, so kudos to him for that one.

  5. Oh come on, he’s a little bit cute. He’s like a discount version of Scott DeMarco when he was at his peak.

  6. it’s not for everyone…some guys (and women) aren’t huge fans of 9 inch cocks shoved up their ass.

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