16 thoughts on “Aliases of Ben Lilly

  1. If he began with 18 y.o. (Lets hope so) he has had about a scene per week… Would it be a case due to out of desperation situation, greedy or a libido that cries: Live fast ,’ die ‘ young?

  2. Sorry for the mess above, but what they were trying to say with:” Date of Birth : 19 “? He must be older now…

  3. He doesn’t look it, which I’m sure is why he was hired. Those sites really do cater to a demographic that like their models to look as young as possible…shudder.

  4. Gay porn has turned its target and seems to prioritise the beraly legal guys as if porn should be a business made of boys for sugar daddies. Some gays still like mature men, but what was mainstream ( man in his prime and mature man ) is now a niche as bears, daddies, grandpas…whatever.

  5. In his Erotic Solo at Higgins he identified as str8 and said he’d never even considered sex with a boy. Well, he sure as hell changed his tune after that, he’s been fucked and fed all over the place since then. Talk about G4P multiplied!

  6. Not what I expect from BA/FM. This guy has been seen all over, and though he is good looking, BA should do better, find their own new guys.

  7. Corbin Fisher used to immediately shave, wax and try to make their models look prepubescent the second they walked in the door. The Czech ones only seem to hire you if you look like a child and there is an ALARMING number of paedophile, incest and rape websites appearing. I don’t know of any demand for it and it makes me pine for the days of straight-forward sex between two grown men that you used to see on say Randy Blue and Jake Cruise 20 odd years ago.

  8. Oh,my gayness…I still remember the guys on Mandate, Honcho etc.( When I was frech as a daisy

  9. It made me very sad when the other week I heard someone refer to a porno made in the early 2000’s as “vintage”.

  10. Well. if porn made in the 2000s are “vintage” stuff, Honcho and Mandate are kinda archaeological material for this one.

  11. I gotta say that he looks very sexy in the second shot. Bel Ami really knows how to bring out the best in their guys. I wish to see more of him!

  12. Just so you know, Florian Nemec also identifies as straight when I chatted with him at Flirt4Free.

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