More of Brandon Anderson at Next Door Studios

Majority of the readers of this blog find Brandon Anderson a great addition to gay porn. His contract with Next Door Studios [gallery] has been renewed so there will be more of him on the site and Active Duty [gallery].


But, would you like to see more of him on another other site?

12 thoughts on “More of Brandon Anderson at Next Door Studios

  1. Ive said it from the start .. Brandon is one of the sexiest most consistent performers in contemporary porn.
    Yes to only fans except it will be strange to see him with film with females & trans which he’s really into.. whatever tho – it will be hot.. this guy looks like the handsome boy next door but he’s also horny & kinky …

  2. The thing is though…would his OnlyFans be posing, solos, I doubt he’s gay, so there would probably be straight content, etc.

  3. its no ones business how he identifies but there is no way he does not enjoy gay sex … im an old porn veteran and cynical about most performers but this guy manages to convince my jaded eyes that he loves sex !
    for the record he’s really into Trans etc and already has filmed a scene with Eva Paradise .. im sure she fucked his brains out

  4. Translation: I’m lazy and don’t like to work, just want you to send me money for being “pretty”.

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