27 thoughts on “Jake Reddy is the new guy at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Ethan)

  1. He seems gay gay gay, but you just don’t know these days. His upcoming sex scenes at CF will reveal it soon.

  2. Silly me missed the interest in women in his chaterbate profile. Time to toss aside. NEXT!

  3. He will probably do a Coed scene and split. I’m not interested in watching this eccentric butterface fuck pussy. Nice dick, though.

  4. Corbin Fisher current performers is a fug party (Elian is the only exception), what a joke.

  5. I don’t even think Elian is that facially attractive. He does look better now since his face cleared up, has a better hairstyle, and he stopped over-tweezing his eyebrows. He should stop getting tattoos all over his nice body. Barron isn’t really conventionally handsome, but I think he’s attractive and sexy. Roman is kind of cute. I think Max was the last beauty CF had.

  6. The money in gay porn has vanished. They can’t attract that many hot guys anymore. It sucks.

  7. I fully agree with you, If you compare the average looking performer of the 90s with we have, they would be considered gorgeous.
    Yes, the money this is fact.

  8. If I’m not mistaken Roman already left, yes, he’s kinda cute.
    I don’t think Elian is gorgeous, but he’s very sexy (his voice is sexy as hell too), he has a sex appeal that Max (or any current performer) doesn’t have in the CF years… Now if you compare Elian with the post CF Max, Max def eats Elian in beauty (plus no tattoos), Max looks a lot hotter/sexy now than in his CF era.
    But I saw on a forum that he’s a registered republican…
    I agree with the tattos it’s getting out of control, he’s destroying his beautiful body with these fugly tattos.
    Barron is kinda handsome but not sexy for me.
    Agreed, Max (Elian too) was the last real hot performer that CF had in years,
    I think the money is not enough to attract more attractive men.

  9. But when I found that Elian is into trans identified females, all the sex appeal vanished for me, he’s less attractive for me.

  10. When a guy puts only interested in “Women”, he’s either being stupid, or making a statement. He’s going to put a lot of people off and not show up in a lot of searches.
    I’ve always thought that the guys who did that, were aggressively straight and homophobic…but this guy is a bizarre call.

  11. Totally agree. Until he has cum dripping into his mouth and out of his ass, he is a no-go for me.

  12. Crazy that we’re left guessing whether he’s gay or straight, 20 or 22, and has an 8″ or 9″ dick… but that he’s willing to tell us his major at UConn!

  13. I was going to write this. Maybe he’s 21 and a 8.5 when hard lol. In between those numbers lol. I think he’s cute though. But Corbin fisher, seancody and more studios need more diversity

  14. Thought Max, Elian, Kyler were hot. Barron is too. My question, WTF happened to the best looking of all, Kellan.. I miss that gorgeous hunk of man

  15. he’s so great on Chaturbate – truly a great performer – I hope he comes back for more fun on CF

  16. Not gay for the people wondering. Google his username you’ll find shows of him fucking girls on CB.

  17. Watching wet paint dry and the progression of cicadas would be a bigger thrill than giving a rat’s ass about this guy. He’s clearly a mess and we need to move on to the next guy that loves the D and yet is too fragile to say it so he parades about some pussy. Ugh!!

  18. for some reason that really does not matter to me at least…if the sex is good on screen and the man is not a republican or trumpet…i am kewl otherwise

  19. I understand he was/is a Chaturbate sensation which makes sense. I’ve only seen his Corbin Fisher solo and they shot his interview segment with ONLY HIM speaking and he talks and talks and talks and goes on and on and on. LOL All that talking and flirting and being overall very energetic, if not frenetic, and gregarious usually works very, very nicely in live cam shows like on Chaturbate. For a pre-recorded video like CF produces, it makes for a very different experience. We’ll see if he has much of a career on CF and the like or if it’s all mostly to get face and name recognition to fuel his Chaturbate revenue.
    Having said all that, there is NOTHING AT ALL about him in his solo video on CF that makes me think he’s anything but straight. But, he could still perform in gay porn. Who knows. He’s cute, great body and huge cock but the shaved from stem to stern is really bad. I mean, arms, legs, ass, hole, taint, pubes, EVERYTHING is bald.
    I expect an appearance on ACS fucking vag and I certainly hope his dick and performance match the running of his mouth!

  20. He openly identifies as straight. He so far has solo content at CF. So? We all SHOULD know that gay porn has ALWAYS featured straight guys AND gay guys just doing solo scenes.

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