Bryce Evans died 3 weeks ago

Last April, Bryce Evans made a comeback via Pride Studios after his release from prison.


According to Fabscout, he died 3 weeks ago.

24 thoughts on “Bryce Evans died 3 weeks ago

  1. I believe that he was one of the most chillest G4P/bi performers in the industry, a pity that he wasn’t so “chill” in real life.

  2. The chemistry in his Masquerade scene with Jack King years back was hot. I was never a huge Bryce Evans fan didnt ever think he was ugly or anything but he really had a way of turning Jack on I havent seen very often.

  3. Heart attack, wonder if linked to possibly his natty or not physique, which was exceptional for his age.

  4. I could never fault him. I don’t know if he was Gay4Pay, bisexual or what, but he put in some great scenes, never had an ego that I knew of online and it’s a terrible shame. I only wish there were more people like him in porn, so RIP and you’ll genuinely be missed.

  5. I think that @Croft Miller refers to the fact that he was arrested many times for assault, battery, theft and drug-related offences.
    It’s a pity that he has died, and it looks like his family are understandably heartbroken, so all we can do is try to remember the positive aspects of his life. After all, it’s true that he was a very quiet, respectful person within the context of porn.

  6. Steroids, drugs, violence, arrest.
    Yeah – he’s a real catch.
    Glad to see the back of him. No great loss.

  7. i would rather deal with a person like him that restled with his demon’s and probably had a rough life and been dealt some bad hands and yes like US ALL have made some bad life choices … than a self righteous , pretentious , know it all like you appear to be.. Wheres your humanity man ?

  8. Oh honey – You are projecting. You dont know anything about him except the fantasy in your mind that you created that someone like him actually wanted someone like you.
    We both know thats never going to happen – don’t we dear?
    A juiced up roid droid who gets arrested and assaults people is your Man. Sounds like someone has some real Daddy issues.

  9. Thanks Mrs Evans.
    Raising a kid in a trailer park and pulling tricks at the truck stop sure did make your Son turn out well.
    Now go back to your Kmart bourbon and Fox News like a good troglodyte.

  10. G4P? Really? Are we sure he wasn’t just bi or pan? He seemed like a nice guy who just had a lot of troubles / demons. I hope he’s resting peacefully.

  11. He should use the Sewer Pipe because what usually comes out of him is sewage.

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