If you still can’t get enough of Chris Damned

Chris Damned had a scene or scenes released almost every week since the start of the year. But, he only had 2 (I think) scenes released last month. Not to worry, he starts off this month of June with 3 scenes.

One from Raging Stallion where he was the top to Alpha Wolfe [gallery].



It was followed by his turn to receive feet love at My Friend's Feet.



In a few hours, his scene as the top to Hugo Santana will be released by Active Duty.



Not enough?

Chris uploaded 6 of his homemade videos this week at Raw Fuck Club that included the scene "Chris Damned Flipped With Cole Connor".




23 thoughts on “If you still can’t get enough of Chris Damned

  1. Chris Damned is clearly a professional studios like working with him because he gets the job done. I get it the guy is making his money. I appreciate the hustle but his videos are now boring. I am guessing Chris either says no to being the bottom or the director wants him to be a total top? It would be nice to see him bottom once in a while. Handsome masculine man.

  2. I hope ppl get what they like but o don’t find him appealing to watch personally. But I’m guessing he’s amazingly popular. That’s good on him

  3. I liked original Chris Damned, a versatile, yet mostly bottom, who I thought was gay and loved his work. He’s reinvented himself now though as either a bisexual or gay4pay top, so the fact that he’s in at least two if not three or four scenes released a week, doing the same thing over and over and throwing it in our faces that it’s all for show, does nothing for me personally.
    I was a fan of original gay and bottoming Chris, but not who’s on offer today.

  4. This post is a top bit of trolling. Absolutely guaranteed to trigger the usual clowns in the comment section who can’t find a nice word to say about any porn performer.
    Personally I think Chris Damned is fairly attractive but he doesn’t do much for me. Please keep the posts about him coming though because it amuses me to see the usual suspects get upset.

  5. I have standards. I see countless posts on here relating to guys I don’t personally care for. I don’t then feel an urge to post the same repetitive “I hate this guy” bullshit in the comment section.

  6. Stop bitching about other peoples comments. We can criticize if we want. I’m not going to censor myself or kiss ass because you can’t take it.

  7. It’s the over exposure. It’s the same thing that happened with William Seed, Rhyheim Shabazz, Michael Boston etc.. and the steady thing that’s happening with Malik Delgaty and Chris Damned today.
    The point of being in demand is the allure. We don’t want to see you fuck every Tom, Dick and Harriet every damn second. It gets redundant and old. I’ve never really seen the appeal but there are many who do and even those die hard fans are getting bored.
    I suggest you take a break for some months. I’m sure with the amount of scenes you shoot, you could do so comfortably and then get everyone to wonder where you are and return with a bang.

  8. I mean, you can question how he’s getting over exposed and the amount of questionable tattoos, HOWEVER, compared to pretty much anyone else in this industry, he looks healthy and in good, natural shape IMO.

  9. “In a few hours, his scene with Hugo Santana as the top will be released by Active Duty.”
    If those pix are from that video, it looks like Hugo is the bottom, not the top.

  10. If you’re gay, you’re gay. There are no shades of grey when you use that term, because people fought and died to use it. I’m actually offended when someone calls themselves gay, but has sex and relationships with women. You can call yourself bi, pansexual, queer, whatever, but gay means gay and being gay means no girls.
    Whatever Chris is…he doesn’t have the right to call himself gay, which I don’t actually believe he does. Or doesn’t anymore.

  11. Click-baiting. I imagine whoever hires Chris is getting wind that people are getting tired of him, so they’re trying to spice up the spoilers.

  12. Thank you. I’m so tired of these insufferable assholes trying to expand the definition of gay.

  13. Imagine this guy with no tattoos and a more toned body. He would be perfect. Why would such a nice looking man destroy himself like his (even his handsome face is tatted)?

  14. Insecurity, possibly. Internalized homophobia, trying to put a mask when he plays “Chris Damned”. The problem is how much tattoos can impact your real world life, even in this day and age. His body is fine, but those look like prison tattoos. They’re cheap and honestly remind me of a Nazi you’d see on “Oz” or “American History X”. There’s always a reason behind a tattoo and I haven’t scrutinized them all, but it can be quite uncomfortable if there is a dark and disturbing meaning behind one of them. I’m not saying he’s a white supremacist of that any of those are gang tattoos…but it also wouldn’t surprise me.

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