9 thoughts on “Then & now on TJ Hughes

  1. I will probably be in the minority but I actually preferred the long hair? At least between the two.

  2. No, I agree. It at least made him somewhat special. Without…he’s not going to appear on anyone’s radar.

  3. Zzzzzz Wake me up when one of them has been dead for a year and we are all surprised.

  4. I wonder how many Brian-era scenes the site has in reserve before they fully switchover to the Euro stuff.

  5. I agree too. It would have been hot to see him bent over being plowed by a top who had a handful of his hair pulling his head back. I don’t find him attractive as a top.

  6. A haircut was a great idea, but wished it was a BETTER haircut. The bush also needs a trim. He has potential.

  7. Addenda: He is bred by Clay at Boyshalwayhouse and is in a spectacular scene at RaunchyBastard being bred by twinkish Jack Bailey and daddy Clay. I take back myu description of him as a ginger–along with Colby Chambers and Maysn Thorne he has the best black bush in the biz.

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