Before Jayden Marcos became an exclusive of Next Door Studios

Last week, Next Door Studios announced that Jayden Marcos is now their exclusive model after Jayden left Gay Hoopla last May.



His first scene at Next Door Studios will be released next month where he was in a bareback flip fuck with Carter Woods.





Before Next Door Studios, he had a scene released by See Him Solo and he has an upcoming bareback scene this Friday at Trans Angels.




Jayden has done gay, str8, bi and now a transsexual scene.

17 thoughts on “Before Jayden Marcos became an exclusive of Next Door Studios

  1. It’s pathetic how these guys shift from straight to bi to pan in the blink of an eye to fit whatever narrative they’re trying to sell. It’s not that people forget bisexuals exist, Mr Marcos, it’s just that people are experienced enough to spot a compulsive liar.

  2. Jayden should have stuck to straight porn. He performs much better with women. He would have done well like Oliver Flynn. I don’t even want to hear the lame “gay porn pays better” excuse. You can make good money in straight porn if you’re good at what you do and if you’re in a lot of scenes. Flynn said he makes more money in straight porn than he did at Corbin Fisher fucking men. Johnny Sins is proof of how well you can do in that industry.
    The roster at NDS is weak. All the hot guys are lame gay-for-pay performers (Carter Woods, Brandon Anderson). It’s funny how Anderson ignores his gay fans on Twitter but falls all over women in straight porn. The gay guys who are good performers are more homely (Dakota Payne, Dalton Riley). A mess.

  3. Jayden is as “bisexual” as that limp-dicked meathead Roman Todd is. They’re not fooling most astute gay viewers.

  4. A new man for Denz to fetishize. I’m sure he was thrilled when he found out that Jayden was ‘bi’ and not an icky gay.

  5. Everything for the coins: It’s called prostitution for a reason …Sex for money: Like it or not.

  6. I don’t understand all the shaming and shit talking about the guys you enjoy watching… that says more about you than the guys you make fun of after jacking off to their work.

  7. Technically he didn’t confirm he was bi in that tweet. All he did was get his lapdogs to agree with him and convince themselves to support another g4p wouldn’t otherwise get with them for sex or a relationship while he goes and fucks some fat chick or trans person. Very sad

  8. Who jacks off to him? That must be you because it takes me more than a limp dick for me to get off.

  9. I’m just going to say this… if he’s making his coins, good for him. If he’s doing the shady practice of orientation switching for clout, his shit will be exposed.
    The one thing I have a problem with is the whole rhetoric of bisexual people do exist. We know that. For sure we know that and me personally, I accept that and applaud that but in this day and age it seems to me that people are forgetting that gays exist.
    If I’m not seeing one of my “ex” favorite gay stars eating some vagina and sleeping with women etc… for some likes, I’m being told that I should shut my damn mouth if I have something negative to say about the matter. I’m called a phobic of some sort and I’m ostracized for being strictly dickly and for wanting to see that represented on screen by those like myself.
    I’m told to not say anything in disdain and yet bi and trans people are allowed to say something negative in response to the gay side of the community. Hell not even str8 people give us flack like they do. That shit seems all sorts of backwards. From now on, I’ll just ignore this guy like I’ve done to so many others.

  10. Good choice. Jayden’s a handsome hottie and a good performer. Except for the excessive ink I dig everything bout the guy.

  11. I took one look at this post and just knew that it would have attracted all the usual loons.
    It’s almost Pavlovian how you can all be made to drool and yap away when certain bells are rung.

  12. Hello-
    Jayden is rather attractive but the tattoos are for me
    at least a big turn-off.

  13. you people are the pathetic ones. flamboyant obnoxious queens who have to push their own narrative everyone is gay.

  14. At least I’m proud of my gayness and not a self-loathing twat who wastes their energy defending people who could care less about them like yourself. The joke is on you babe.

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