Jonah, Rhett West, Daniel Star, Klaus Zabka, Cameron Oliver, Excelsior, Robert, Thomas Tanner or Marcel Eugene?

Jonah of Corbin Fisher


Rhett West of Gay Hoopla


Daniel Star of Boy Fun


Klaus Zabka of William Higgins


Cameron Oliver of Belami Online


Excelsior of Masqulin


Robert of Beefcake Hunter


Thomas Tanner of Amateur Gay POV


Marcel Eugene of Bait Buddies


Vote for your favorite.

* This poll will end on July 18, 2021.

* Clark Rogers of Gay Hoopla won in last week’s poll.

13 thoughts on “Jonah, Rhett West, Daniel Star, Klaus Zabka, Cameron Oliver, Excelsior, Robert, Thomas Tanner or Marcel Eugene?

  1. This is why Gay 4 Payers are so many in gay porn industry:
    The gay support them more than real-gays models

  2. I would have voted for Rhett had he had a more normal size penis, I prefer good meat to munch on. Jonah it is.

  3. I was torn at first between Jonah and Rhett. Jonah has the bigger dick, the more well-defined body, and the guy-next-door look. Rhett, meanwhile, has the devilishly handsome bad boy look. I also like his manly pubes. But the tats vandalizing his chest turned me off. I vote Jonah.

  4. Jonah and Rhett are both gorgeous. I would guess that working for CF, hopefully means he’ll do more sexually and CF guys are usually versatile.
    Tattoos, unless overdone, don’t bother me. Tired of guys who bitch about them constantly. Remind me of the right wing clowns. Against same sex marriage, don’t marry someone, against abortion, don’t get one, against tattoos, don’t get one, but stop taking up space about them. To those of us who don’t care either way or like them, your opinion matters not.
    Rant over. Rhett is hot, BUT, his working for that site doesn’t mean he’ll do much. They pay more attention to their straight, boring sites

  5. Normally I wouldn’t vote for a guy who’s tatted or who’s done a straight scene, but I voted for Rhett based on the thick creamy load he put out at the end, it really got me. The voice and tan help too, although we’ll never know if some of the tan is faked. And we’ll have to see what the real deal is with Jonah based on whether he does a straight scene or not. Other than Cameron, the remainder are disappointing.

  6. Maybe if gay men weren’t so fucking mediocre at pretty much everything g4ps wouldn’t be as much of a phenomenon it is today.

  7. Saw Robert’s scene at BH and he’s not one of that site’s better models. This line-up is reaching for a new low.

  8. A huge NONE OF THE ABOVE for me. I assume Rhett might come back but he’s personally far too thin for my ideal and the rest are all just so, so basic it’s not even entertaining.

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