Lovers in real-life in a bisexual scene

Jake Waters and Dillon Diaz have been together for 4 months.

Jake already introduced Dillon to his family.

The two are the latest update at BiPhoria [gallery].




47 thoughts on “Lovers in real-life in a bisexual scene

  1. They’ve only been together 4 months and he’s already talking like that on social media?
    What a loon.

  2. Denz thinks gay porn stars doing not gay things is the most exciting thing ever. It’s like a hobby for him. I assume he loves beating off to the least gay performers and content he can find.

  3. Ugh, does the spirit of inclusiveness really have to mean featuring women on a gay sex blog?

  4. Urgh…does she have a prolapsed cervix in that last photo?
    And two porn stars having a relationship…that’s going to end in living happily ever after.

  5. I agree but “cis” doesn’t exist though, it’s just to validate the tr00n nonsense.

  6. It’s so fucking gross… But it’s Denz job finding disgusting trash fug whores doing heteronormative things… You’re not fooling anyone, sweetie.

  7. Because men fucking men is outdated and less clicks for Denz.
    Now, “gay” performers doing heteronormative shit?, Denz absolutely loves.

  8. This narrative of “gay” men doing bi porn and being initiated into the whole realm of vaginas is ridiculous. I’ve said it so many times again but truly gay men have gotten our asses beaten physically and mentally to get to where we are today. So many times have we heard that this is a phase and it’s a choice. This just gives the naysayers hope.
    Now everywhere we turn in gay porn, there’s a woman in the scene. Whether it’s a cameo eating a salad or a sex role. It’s why I had to cancel Thyle Knoxx and Riley Mitchel.
    Jake got into this horrific scene because he wants to do anything possible to please his man or he’s not as gay as we thought. A truly gay man isn’t going to have the desire to engage in any sort of sexual activity with females or vaginas period.
    I loose respect for this type of guys. If Jake is gay then he needs to realize that you can be in a relationship with a bisexual guy and still not want to engage in bisexual activity in porn or private. Don’t be pressured. This is thumbs down for me and this relationship seems like a train wreck soon to happen. I hope they have fun and it works but I’m getting future Jack/Dolf vibes. Shit looks good now but wait till the pressure for more starts to take it’s toll.

  9. Is it terrible to be curious to see the future Tweets of them possibly showing their true colours and throwing not just vile, but libellous and possibly illegal things at each other?
    I still remember when Dirk Caber broke up with his boyfriend…they broke up on I think a Friday, he posted on Facebook at how free and relieved he felt and ready to move on with his life, but then they were back together by the Monday and it was like it had never happened.
    These guys…I’m not kidding when I say that they’re seriously disturbed, because you can’t take the persona home with you! It’s a job and you can’t mix business with supposed pleasure.

  10. 💯💯.
    My observation: I think that black performers are more likely to be bisexual and engage in any kind of porn/sex regardless of the sexuality.
    For me it’s hard to find a black performer who didn’t do trans porn or fucked pussy.

  11. Dirk Caber is a ideological loon freak, I’m glad that his bf broke up with him, nobody deserves that lunatic.

  12. 💯💯.
    My observation: I think that black performers are more likely to be bisexual and engage in any kind of porn/sex regardless of the sexuality.
    For me it’s hard to find a black performer who didn’t do trans porn or fucked pussy.

  13. I think they are moving too fast introducing a boyfriend to family after only 4 months of dating LOL! That’s too soon! Jake seems really into Dillon. I know Diaz is bi or pannsexual didn’t know Jake is too.

  14. Jake looks more into Dillion and willing to please him. Remember these guys are sex workers. August Alexander and Dillion both claim to be gay but they said in an interview they will fuck pussy for the money. I agree with you that if a guy is fucking women a lot like Dillion does in those bisexual videos he probably is into women too. I believe yes these guys fuck the women for the money. But to be constantly fucking pussy there has to be a sexual attraction to the opposite sex to do it.

  15. Denz blog is about discussing interesting stuff. Like this is an interesting topic two well known black queer models fucking a white woman. You RARELY see a bisexual scene like this with a mainstream porn studio. You just rarely see bisexual black men in porn at all. There is a lot of prejudice and stigma against these men. I get some people are upset that male porn models doing bisexual porn. But this is WORK. They are sex workers. Their job is to have SEX make it believable. That’s it

  16. Well, maybe with two people who consider four-hours to be a long relationships, four-months is more like a Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

  17. This was bound to happen. The amount of fake ‘gays’ on twitter saying they want to do bi porn and full on het sex with women is through the roof. I can’t find one that doesn’t want to have bi sex and I constantly am being disappointed by performers I like jumping on the bisexual bandwagon. How much they actually want to do it or just doing it for the likes and to stay relevant is debatable. Maybe they just want to prove how ungay they are by fucking women because being just gay isn’t good enough anymore. Talk about being progressive! There is nothing prideful about being gay and fucking women! It is disgusting and homophobic that these lying bisexuals push this agenda into the gay community! Especially these ‘gay’ identifying ones who say they’ve been exclusively gay but suddenly want to now have sex with women. These lying whores aren’t foolin anyone!

  18. I don’t know when it became such a “COOL” thing for gay guys to fuck women. I just don’t get it.

  19. It’s actually homophobic…but no one dare say that. A man who has the right to identify himself as gay, which people fought and died for him to do, but then has sex with women and still identifies as gay, sends the message that gay isn’t a real thing. You just haven’t met the right women yet, or it’s okay to have sex with women and still call yourself gay. Homophobia back in the day with at least open and honest, but today…it’s insidious and no one realizes we’re being taken down more effectively than any gay-bashing.

  20. how people on this board can hate or speculate about people they do not know always amazes me

  21. It’s mostly ideological whores who do that.
    Just avoid these pieces of shit.

  22. The homophobia is coming from the supposedly “our” own “community”, which is worse.
    That’s why I’m liking more non homophobic G4P than these “gay” “bi” whores.

  23. I’ll take a straightforward, no pun intended Gay4Payer ANY DAY, over a bullshit bi or pansexual. Honestly in porn is fine by me. If the guy is straight, married, a pussy-hound, with a dozen kids, BUT he puts on an amazing man-on-man video, then that’s great. It’s when these guys undermine homosexuality…it makes me sick and they should be ashamed.

  24. It exists as much as “straight” does.
    Would you like for someone to deny your existence?

  25. This board is full of hatred towards anything other than the G part of our community.
    The amount of biphobia and transphobia is staggering.

  26. And don’t you realize…biphobia and transphobia is being abused into becoming homophobia! It’s becoming criminal to be gay and gay as in meaning you don’t want to see a vagina, you certainly don’t want to penetrate a vagina and that you’re being shamed into admitting either!
    Bisexuality and transsexuality are running riot! And great for them, but don’t shit all over homosexuality, like it’s a more of phobia!
    It’s okay to be gay, so leave the fuck off and stop branding anyone who doesn’t want a cunt anywhere near them as phobic!

  27. Nope it doens’t.
    “Cis” is just validation for tr00n nonsense/ideology.
    And you can’t prove the otherwise because I’m correct :*

  28. A LOT of B and T are bunch of homophobic cunts.
    Since you don’t care about that or don’t want to see that, just FUCK 0FF then.

  29. A perfect answer for a sick fetishist.
    Just keep in mind that’s not everyone who love this fetish like you.
    Also, I need to make a list of female performers who reject doing anything with crossovers.
    I stan every female performer who doesn’t want nothing with these dirty whores.

  30. thatguy is just saying the right thing as far as I can see…no need to be hateful because he disagrees with you

  31. Here we have a bunch of people squabbling over labels while they have no idea about the actual work landscape of porn in 2021. While identity issues and dagger throwing has become the norm… behind the scenes whole swaths of studios have been bought out, closed shop, or simply ceased creation of new content.
    You are seeing more advertisement from Bisexual and Trans studios because:
    1. They will pay for the content to be featured.
    2. Blogs/Reviewers need content and will take payment.
    3. The number of sources of payment from gay studios is shrinking.
    Stop the in fighting and look at the big picture.
    The landscape of porn is evolving rapidly. OF/JFF and more intimate experiences are replacing studio content as a revenue draw for the talent. And now, the talent is showing off what it wants.
    Solutions? Get more Gay focused people creating content intended for a Gay audience. No one is stopping you from getting off your bum, coming up with the funds, navigating the legal hoops, acquiring the machinery, handling the production and recruitment, and presenting the final product in a sexy and appealing manner to the gay community which leads to huge profits and surely not your content being shared via underhanded methods.
    It’s that easy, right?
    If you want to see something happen you’ve got to go out and do it. Most of the people who did, are done, or in process of retiring.

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