9 thoughts on “Then & now on Alexandr Jander aka Rick Palmer

  1. He is an absolute gem, loves to bottom, eat cum and is also an excellent actor. Anyone know his orientation? (Ivanek Ukara, his scene partner at WH, identified as gay in his WH erotic solo).

  2. Damn… How can you Fuck Up a cute face and body like he HAD so Fast ????????

  3. Ivanek Ukara gay? He looks way more excited in his CFNM scene than in his all gay scenes, lmaoo.
    Also, there are some Eastern European whores who identified as “gay” and fucked lots of women very well.

  4. Covid really hit so hard… It’s ok, do some work he will get back to his old body… Determination is the key…

  5. Literally the Eastern European version of Tom Faulk. Right down to the spacer in his ear.

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