11 thoughts on “Mason Nicklaus is your favorite model for the month of May

  1. I’ve not been with a guy with such a small penis. It seems so easy to swallow.

  2. And urgh…why is “50% off – Hot Guys Fuck for $14.99 for 1 month.” appearing at the top of the site?

  3. Mason Nicklaus is a handsome muscular hottie. Love the size and shape of his cock and the way it proudly points upward when erect.

  4. Can it even hit the prostate as small as it is. I would not have picked this guy for two reasons. Not good looking and has a baby penis. Not a very good choice

  5. The prostate is about 5 cm (2 inches) past the sphincter muscle. Mason seems to have an average size adult male penis in length and a little thicker than average. He would have no trouble at all pleasuring a bottom guy and his good looks are obvious.

  6. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. This guy has a couple things going for him but more generally is pretty ordinary.
    With as much as I’m sure some of the voting here gets heavily skewed toward considering a guys potential rather than just his simple appearance, I think most people just vote on what they see. Like, for example, the English Lads guy…you can’t even see his dick unless you join the site! The owners choice in only allowing censored previews along with all the other pain in the ass factors of even joining the English Lads site puts all its guys at a disadvantage.

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