It’s time to slowly say goodbye to DeAngelo Jackson

DeAngelo Jackson started over 10 years ago but there were a few years in between where he did not have a scene released.


DeAngelo is mostly the top but he did bottom at the start of his career and last year at Men & Icon Male.



He was your favorite Man of The Month for 2019 at Noir Male.

Besides gay porn, he had a scene released at TransSexual last May.

He tweeted today that he was done with porn and pursuing a mainstream career as a model and actor.

20 thoughts on “It’s time to slowly say goodbye to DeAngelo Jackson

  1. Oh honey! Adam russo tried to become a ‘tv and movie star’ that attempt lasted a year or two and then he quietly went back to doing porn. We’ll be waiting for you my sweet

  2. One day a porn star will crossover to the mainstream. So good luck to those who endeavor!

  3. Angyl Valentino (an ex urban porn star) has kind of done the transition. I see him on movies and television shows. Including SVU.

  4. Was never a big fan of his. Even during his stint in urban porn and always thought he was kind of boring and one note. Was shocked to hear that he did trans porn. Wish him well and success but I’m not going to be missing him.

  5. Good luck DeAngelo he is going to need it. Andre Donovan the guy from Lucas entertainment I believe he has a degree in acting. Breaking In isn’t easy for black actors. DeAngelo is attractive and fit so he has that on his side. His good looks will help him. I think Tyler Perry can help DeAngelo but he will have to put out for him. Tyler has a predilection for young black men. Hollywood still has a serious problem that minority actors find it hard to get roles. Straight black actors find it hard to get work what makes DeAngelo think he won’t have it even harder? And when those homophobic black women find out DeAngelo has sex with men how will he be marketed? Hollywood is all about image. Even white gay porn stars got it hard. Brent Corrigan tried to make it in Hollywood and failed. Pierce Paris appeared in a straight indie movie but he was typecast as a porn star. He can definitely try DeAngelo I hope if he is serious try theater first learn craft of acting.

  6. It’s already happened. Traci Lords, who actually did it the right way, in that she was underage in her porn and it had to be excised from existence.
    What’s his name did it too. I can’t for the life of me remember his name, but he always made the weirdest faces during sex and once had it in the back of a pick-up truck, in a country bumpkin themed old school studio video.
    All these guys today though, just want to be famous. The black guy from Sean Cody tried it, but failed miserably and has disappeared off the face of the Earth. So many go onto reality television and of course, there was that guy who was pictured at the Republican parties.
    Porn of being a Z-Lister, but that’s the only choice dearie.

  7. Brad Benton! That was his name and now it’s Dylan Vox. I’d much rather he was still doing porn though.

  8. One of the few black performers that doesn’t fucked mutilated hairy females :O
    But he fucked a male with boobs implant… that’s was very unexpected or at least unique.

  9. Why you shocked that he did trans porn?
    I’m only shocked by fact that he dont’t fucked mutilated hairy females. (at least on camera)

  10. Tyler Perry has a preference for light-skinned black men, so DeAngelo isn’t his type, even if he offers to put out.

  11. Landon. He tried for an acting career and even created his own IMDb. I think it’s been taken down, because the credits were nonsense, but he tried. He might still be trying, I’m not sure.

  12. Some of y’all forgot that Francois Sagat is probably the only one that made it into mainstream movies at one point.

  13. Ah there you are. The one who makes Reg seem like Mister Rogers. Is it taxing to be so hateful? Or are you swelling with pride? Such a little man. Sad and pitiful.

  14. Oh, the generic “hateful” card.
    It’s all of you brainless TRAs got, ZzZzZz.

  15. Saw as the junkie and…LA Zombie had sex, didn’t it? He sloped back to sex afterwards though, but then I heard he has a terrible attitude.

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