16 thoughts on “Then & now on Josh of Sean Cody

  1. He looks great, super hot… but I don’t like his videos.

  2. I just he and the boyfriend weren’t living their lives, basically as the same person. There’s absolutely no distinction between them, so you can’t comment on one without the other.
    It’s going to be interesting to see the break-up and for Josh to actually stand on his own two feet.

  3. You know, I do not understand the gays that basically live inside the gym, and then don’t put their body to good use. Like why even bother? This is why I do believe most of them are extremely clumsy at sex, they just view each other as sex toys, where the tops are dildos while the bottoms are nothing more than fleshjacks.

  4. You seem to pretend to know a lot about guys personal lives that you have never met.

  5. Nobody asked your opinion MS.thang. Go spam your thirsty lonely ass comments on the rest of the gay porn blogs out there. And don’t forget to make excuses for questionable people like you always do

  6. That doesn’t change the fact that he has the sex appeal of a fish, with the face of a 13 years old attached to a generic roided body

  7. Isn’t Reg just the bitterest? Ooh nope he’s not. That award goes to Croft Miller. He makes Reg seem like Mister Rogers.

  8. Even if he’s not gay he’s still in a homosexual relationship and that gets accolades

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