1. Res1

    I was wondering about him. Looking forward.

  2. Reg

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find dicks that big very sexy. I’d prefer something that the bottoms could manage, not that you just see like three inches hanging out. Unless something can go balls deep or deep throat, where’s the fun?

  3. Magnus

    Not attractive

  4. simp

    Total tops like this are a dime a dozen on TimTales and they ain’t even interesting apart from Tim in some scenes where he displays more sensuality.

  5. MK

    This guy is gay, handsome and sexy, so I like him. I just wish he was used for more romantic scenes than an aggressive top. I don’t mind him being a top only if that’s his preference. Not all gay men are verse and this nonsense about making tops bottom needs to stop.

    • Res1

      Thank you! I don’t understand why what gay men will and won’t do in bed is such an issue. Some guys are just strict tops or bottoms.

      • The Porn Emperor

        Yeah, but what Timtales does is force all guys to be exclusive tops or bottoms. Many of his models are versatile, but they’re never allowed to show it. Tim Kruger is unfortunately locked into the idea of the trade top. The models usually don’t even kiss. They just get serviced. Even a “strict top” or bottom in fucking should be allowed to show an interest in his partner.

  6. Guy17

    Beautiful, simple man, competent Top and, for those who like big penises, he is the ideal man. Applause for the much needed Condom Sex scenes. All should be like this, to educate about the subject and to protect the performers’s health. As for Tim Tales style, I find regrettable that Tim dehumanizes the performers so much. Tops must always be aggressive and Bottoms must always be submissive. I also find Tim a little bit “bottomphobic”, as he forces Bottoms even when they are visibly tired or in pain. I would like to watch him as Bottom, so he could learn how to treat people.

  7. JP

    Glad to see him back. One of my all time fav scenes on that site was with him and Henrik. Very beautiful man.

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