It’s from Men with Pierce Paris as the top to Theo Brady.

The title of the scene suggested it was a porn parody of The Price Is Right but it’s not.

On this episode of The Price Is Tight, can Pierce Paris and Theo Brady's relationship stand the test of Johnny B? It all comes down to the final tie-breaking challenge to see who can shoot his load the farthest… when Johnny B is caught with a syringe of fake cum and disqualified! But his win by default isn't satisfying enough for Theo, so Pierce challenges him to try the game, just the two of them. Pierce fucks Theo doggystyle and Theo sucks his man's cock before riding him on the floor. Pierce pounds that twink in piledriver position and puts him up against the wall to take him from behind, then lifts the bottom as he fucks him in a stand-and-carry! Theo bends over the jizz battlefield to take his man's cock some more, then both guys cum simultaneously to see who will be the winner!

The host of the show was Devy of Sean Cody.

8 thoughts on “The Price Is Tight

  1. I finally figured out why Pierce Paris seems to always be in a movie or scene with all kinds of shenanigans going on… The different crazy scenarios helps distract the viewer from noticing his Limp Dick. It is that simple.
    Oh and not for nothing…. Johnny B just looks sick now. Somebody give the guy a sandwich, or hold a Intervention… unless its the other thing?

  2. Oh great another scene with Mr. ED i’m calling Pierce this for two reasons. One he has erectile dysfunction and two he looks a lot like Mr. Ed the Horse from back in the day. Porn studios should really keep him off their sites there is nothing worse than seeing a limp dick on someone that can not get hard. And by the way Pierce there is a guy by the name of Roxas that has a bigger dick than you and can get totally hard so your excuses won’t fly anymore and there are several other men that don’t have a problem with getting hard. You are really pathetic.

  3. I will not criticize Pierce Paris for erection problems, as that can happen to everyone, but I will criticize him for overexposure. It’s already tiring to see him in the movies, always clowning around trying to be comical and failing totally. Maybe if he acted naturally, the result would be better. As for Johnny B, these grimaces he makes are weird. The only saved from this is the gorgeous Theo Brady.

  4. Whether hung or micropenis, a porn star has a responsibility to be hard. I don’t agree with Trimex being injected, Viagra and Cialis are a judgment call and as long as with these Gay4Payers you don’t see the straight porn playing off camera, but…Mr. Famously Floppy there is making as much of a show of himself as he does on Twitter.

  5. Overexposed Pierce Paris needs to exit porn. If he is going to stay, he should at least work on his dadbod physique to help distract from his Downs Syndrome acting. Better yet, there is no reason for dialogue and a storyline in any porn he’s in. In a nutshell, the answer for Paris is Crossfit and no speaking.

  6. i think Pierce is sexy but yeah….his dick never gets fully hard. Watched a recent (hot) scene between him and Roman Todd and it was like 75% hard.

    Someone pointed out Johnny B being skinny….Theo is borderline wafer thin here.

  7. I understand the anger people got at Pierce Paris but he is an attractive man. Is Pierce perfect of course not. He is a lot more open minded than some white models I won’t name. Pierce must be doing something right keeps on hiring him. He has 237k followers on Twitter. Pierce cock DOES get hard if you watch his videos with Michael Del Ray he one for he is rock hard getting fucked. He actually is better as a bottom than as a top. If you follow Pierce only fans he is rock hard if his balls are in his ass when he gets fucked. I watched a video with Pierce and Dante Colle for only fans he is hard. Studio porn isn’t easy these men film for hours so unfortunately they got to inject stuff into their penis to stay hard.

  8. Pierce is overexposed, while Johnny is overexposing his trans and bi porn content & interests on twitter now, like if his gay porn was less important.

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