Love Happens

Love Happens is the latest movie from Cocky Boys.

LOVE HAPPENS is a tongue-in-cheek, post pandemic feature about a "mindfulness coach" and "influencer" who is hoping to take advantage of the post Covid desire to “get back to normal” by organizing a sexual awakening retreat and ends up inadvertently hiring two very unconventional stoner/radical fairies to run the weekend, blowing up his perfect little reality. Somehow he still ends up helping the sexy couples at the retreat, resulting in plenty of amazing gay sex, and the surprise gay porn feature of 2021!

The stars – Max Adonis, Austin Avery, Brock Banks, Roman Todd, Drew Dixon, Dallas Preston, Kane Fox, Adrian Hart, Nico Leon, Leo Louis, Avery Jones & Ari Avanti.

Cocky Boys will release episode one this coming Thursday with Roman Todd, Drew Dixon & Dallas Preston.


  1. Aaron Rodgers

    Yuck they all have small dicks and cross eyed Drew Dixon is just gross.

    • andrew

      If you think Leo Louis has a small dick you need to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist ASAP.

    • Bangle

      It’s Dixon’s wig and hairy back that I find most distracting.

  2. Pavel Ford

    Other than Nico Leon and Leo Louis … nothing in this movie “moves” me at all.
    Nico Leon is still HOT ! And that guys seems to love getting fucked…….

  3. Magnus

    This looks awful. Even the cover image is bad. Luckily I’ve discovered 90’s and early 00’s retro porn, when men were actually attractive.

  4. Akerus

    I must disagree with everybody. History-driven porn is much more enjoyable, even if things are kept both light and silly for obvious reasons. Moreover, anything that includes Roman Todd is perfect in my eyes!

  5. Bear

    Austin Avery and Max Adonis: Gorgeous. Avery´s hair is amazing. Adonis is really beautiful, but he appeared in many scenes of OnlyFans using Poppers. I think he should see a doctor because sometimes a person is addicted to Poppers and goes into denial until completely sinks. In addition, the U. S. FDA was very clear in warning consumers of serious adverse health effects. Brock Banks and Roman Todd: Just no!

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