Your love for Sean Cody & Corbin Fisher

Back in 2011, there was a lot of love for Sean Cody & Corbin Fisher. So, I made a poll on which of the two you loved the most and Sean Cody got 58% of the votes.

10 years have passed. How is it going?

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Still in love with Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher?
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  1. Mike

    Sean Cody is unfortunately a shell of it’s former self. IMHO there isn’t a compelling reason to get a subscription, unless you are wanting to view the back catalog.

    • raz

      And even then their best scenes are missing from their back catalog so what’s the point.

  2. R47

    Didn’t a lot of SC back catalogue vanish?

  3. BottomBoyFromBrazil (@bottom_brazil)

    Sean Cody sadly lost a lot of quality after being sold to MindGeek. Corbin Fisher has basically been stuck in 2005 with the same old and predictable formula, albeit with arguably less attractive guys nowadays. So I’d say both have fallen from grace just as hard.

    • Reg

      Well said. For me, Corbin Fisher died when they sacked Pete and all their behind-the-scenes crew. The quality of the videos went downhill, they lost their “Alumni” and years of hot and sign-up-to-the-website worthy guys were replaced with fodder. There’s never a need to buy a new CF video now, because they’re all identical and the guys are now nothing special, interchangeable and completely replaceable.

  4. Bsg67

    The only reason to join corbin fisher, Sean Cody, active duty or chaosmen is their back catalogues, without them otherwise they’re not worth a dime.

  5. Bill

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a hole on Corbin Fisher. Although they still have some cute guys (Elian, Rocky), the porn itself is bland and not appealing.

    • grantb

      Yes, the videography, and continuity is terrible. CF is much better than the SC train wreck. But “love” , no CF is nowhere near as good as it once was either. Less frequent new guys, much smaller number of recurring hot guys, very few bi scenes, only posting 2x per week now, oh but the straight scenes continue uninterrupted. So for grades I’d give the current CF a c- and SC an F. SC was an A, and CF a B+/A- , how the mighty have fallen!

  6. andrew

    Corbin Fisher today doesn’t have a very deep bench of hot guys. They have a few like Elian, Dane, Rocky, Barron, Roman and a few others. Corbin Fisher in the past had a very deep bench of hot guys like: Cain, Chandler, Connor, Lucas, Kent, Colt, Quinn, Trey, Travis, Harper, Kellan, Dru and the awesome Dawson to name just a few.

    • Res1

      Corbin Fisher wasn’t all that. They had more hotter guys than now but they had a lot of duds. I remember people used to get upset at what seemed like an update that featured Kenny every week. Cain and Marc were really the only things that made CF back then for me. I’ve now grown to respect models like Aiden who I thought was overrated, much like Jess, I like Jess now, and Brandon at SC, but SC and even Randy Blue were preferred over CF. Randy Blue was a great site but it didn’t have sell itself on YOUNG jock types. It was a site with real men. Now they had some hotties.And a lot of their models are still working. I see think about Dallas to this day. Good times.

      • Jasentylar

        Corbin Fisher was getting dusted by Sean Cody, but they have come out the other side SUPREME. I mean, Elian and Dane are some of the hottest guys in porn. Roman and Marco get it done. The studio is getting it done. All hail Jason and his magnificent stable of guys!!!

        • Res1

          You made a point. Bravo.

  7. BigJoe59


    usually the quality of the videos and the hotness of the ,models changes when a site is sold off by the
    original creator/webmaster. this has happened with Chaos Men and Sean Cody but isn’t Corbin Fisher still
    owned by the original creator/webmaster?

  8. Res1

    I’ve never cared for Corbin Fisher, but I commend the owner for not selling his site (yet) and still keeping that nostalgic feeling of it. It’s not their fault that Onlyfans and Instagram came in and snatched the All-American jock types. All of the studios are suffering from that problem. That’s why we have to deal will Michael Del Ray, Dante Colle, and Pierce Paris. And now those hot guys they once scouted can now charge you for a subscription on Onlyfans for $24 a month for softcore porn, but it’s at their discretion, not Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody’s.

    *Also streaming sites like Pornhub , xvideos, megaupload (memories <3) ate into the subscriber base of those sites and that also played a part in the downfall. But we aren’t supposed to talk about that.

  9. Alex

    SeanCody these days seems to be the home of washed up OnlyFans gays that have never had sex in their life, the struggle is DEEP.

  10. Reg

    Of course at one point and maybe even still today, Sean Cody was basically an escort agency. They signed these guys and yes, filmed scenes with them, but then either rich guys contacted SC or vice versa and the guys were pimped out. Jared Wentworth, I BELIEVE “Addison”, the Republican, I think that guy with the napkin was Sean Cody and many more. I did hear the rumour that Corbin Fisher was doing it too year later and it wouldn’t surprise me. They can’t really do it anymore, because the quality of the guys is so dire that no married Governor or Businessman is going to pay good money for little more than a skank-whore he pick up from the back of Walmart by the bins.

  11. jeremyrain

    NOTHING beats the golden days of CF (Dawson, Aiden, Trey, Kent, Connor, Cain, Cade, Travis, Derek, etc). Like SC during its hay-days, the CF guys were muscular and gorgeous. But even though they are both G4A (I believe some of them are genuinely bi), CF guys at least acted better at pretend to be interested in gay sex. No over the top moaning like SC scenes. And at least the dicks looked hard.

  12. MK

    Gay4pay killed both sites when their models starting spouting how they hated the sex and only did it for money. We’re living in the 21 century, gay4pay is now repulsive. Even though we know a lot of those guys were lying closeted bisexuals.

    • Res1

      Where is gay4pay repulsive when most of the industry identifies as straight? It’s still there but gay men have accepted it and now they take up for the guys when you say they’re gay or bisexual. G4P is part of the whole “don’t judge sex workers” culture that is now prevalent. Self-hating gays love it and so do closet cases cause they both get to keep the chimera.

      • MK

        Most genuine gay men don’t support gay4pay. Don’t confuse the loud sexual fluid fan girls that follow these so-called straight men online. As a matter of fact, because of the backlash they receive most of them are now identifying as sexually fluid, because they know gay4pay doesn’t sell well anymore. What we have in gay porn is a lot of closeted bisexuals who prefers women. We need to change that narrative now.

        • Res1

          I hope you’re right cause my point of view is quite hopeless.

          • MK

            I know how you feel. Try not to follow these pornstars. There’s a lot of mental illness in porn.

        • McM.

          Change the narrative. Completely doable. Provided consumers move the market in that direction with their money, of course. The problem is studios that primarily hire gay men are criticized for being over-produced, the fucking not “real” enough, fansites are better, blah, blah, blah.

          FalconGroup is too glossy. Lucas Entertainment is too hated. Cutler’s Den is somehow like a fansite but worse, RawFuckClub is too “dirty”. The latter two cannot work with straight men. Their scenes are filmed by getting two or more men who want to fuck, throwing them in a room, and let nature take its course.

          For instance I am subscribed to some of those sites and I get my money’s worth. The fucking is good, unstifled and consistent. Plots are gay-affirming where we’re not treated as abnormal or homosexuality is so normal it’s not even mentioned. And I get regular full-length updates.

          Now watch some incel come along and downvote my comment.

          • Res1

            Wow, I’ve never heard of those sites.

            @MK noted.

  13. Res1

    I don’t know if that’s the case, Reg. I think those elite men consumed and, like we all did, has their favorites. And because they had clout, they were able to access them. Don’t forget that Elon John and his husband David used to keep the company of a few Belami boys (Dolph Lambert) and the president of Valentino has been dating former gay pornstars Marc Vidal for years! Marc, real name Luke, is living the life.

    • Res1

      Also forgot mention how the gay lifestyle and the porn industry seem to go hand and hand. I find that a lot of gay men tend to admire, or keep abreast with, a lot of pornstars as If they would their favorite singer.

  14. Bastian

    I’ve never been a fan of CF, since I feel its more aimed at bisexuals. Their subscription is so cleverly structured that it doesn’t pay to buy just access to guys only content. As for SC it used to be worth buying a membership, but since mindgeek took over, it’s been a huge cesspool.

  15. Dave

    Never liked Corbin Fisher because of all the bisexual men on there aka “Connor”. Met him once and he was so RUDE.
    Stopped Sean Cody after archives disappeared.

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