The award winning hole of Nate Grimes

The 4th scene listed under the Fisting category of Bromo had Chris Damned fist Nate Grimes.

That hole of Nate can take both the arm of Chris and bat at the same time.

And, Nate’s hole won an award in this year’s GayVN Awards for Best Fetish where he was fisted by Dirk Caber for Men.

18 thoughts on “The award winning hole of Nate Grimes

    1. That is the understatement of the century. Few things could be more revolting, bizarre and depraved than doing that… ???? Not to mention that the injuries that people can suffer must be positively nightmarish. ??

      All I could say to those who are into fisting is that instead of mutilating themselves and asking sadists to brutalize them, they should go to therapy, because what they’re doing ISN’T normal by any stretch of the imagination.

      1. “what they’re doing ISN’T normal by any stretch of the imagination.” That’s what lots of str8 people say about a man putting his cock in another man’s ass. Fisting looks gross and unhealthy to me, but labeling it abnormal is a judgement call I wouldn’t make.

        1. Do not be silly. Two adult gay men having sex can be misrepresented as something “abnormal” by certain bigots (who in all likelihood, consider the fact that straight people also engage in anal sex, to be something acceptable and within the bounds of normalcy), but they do so out of prejudice or religious conditioning. Conversely, inserting extremely large foreign objects into the anus that can cause extreme, irreversible injuries and affect someone’s quality of life in the future, IS abnormal. Any sexual practices that can cause harm to another living being are not normal, even if both partners participate in them by mutual consensus.

          I think that the differences are pretty evident.

  1. A fist fuck is the equivalent of an ” eat as much as you can… ” Something completely disfunctional. Maybe the last resurce for the ones that already tryed everything,, An overdose for addicts unable to feel pleasure. Everytime I see people engaged in it I can’t help it but think of …” from hand to mouth way of life”. On the other hand ( No pun..).. Its gay porn. Lol.

    1. Not just in Gay Porn. It also occurs in Straight Porn and Lesbian Porn. Trying not to be judgmental, I worry about the performers’ health, as they seem to lose track of the damages this practice can do to the body. I really care about them as they are human beings and I don’t appreciate studios that force performers to go beyond the limit of the acceptable. My concern is such I can’t watch these scenes. Nate Grimes, for example, is a gorgeous guy. I don’t think he needs that for his career.

  2. Nate Grimes is going to regret all the fisting when he gets older. He will probably need a colostomy bag. Fisting is gross for a variety of reasons. One the anus is not meant to have a fist up it. The wear and tear to the anus will cause fissures and damage. If you look at Nate Grimes ass you already see a huge gape. Also fisting is unhealthy you can get infections if the fecal matter gets into your mouth.

    1. Aren’t these the exact same arguments that homophobes make against the so called unnatural act of gay anal sex?

    2. I agree. By the time this guy gets to 40 he will NEVER be able to trust a fart!
      I would be scared to be his dog sitting below him at the table when he breaks wind ! LOOKOUT BELOW !…. I am just saying..

  3. The man can take a TERRIFYING amount…and the body just isn’t designed for that. Surely doing that is or is going to cause MASSIVE repercussions…going to the toilet, WALKING even and it’s just so unsexy. Maybe for however is doing that to him enjoys it, but as a member of the audience, it just makes me cringe.

    It is the stuff of nightmares to have someone put their ARM inside you.

    To be honest, fisting smacks of mental illness…not pleasure.

  4. I’m going to have to admit to Googling this, but “nails, hangnails, or rough skin on the hand can damage and cause small tears in the anal wall, which could lead to permanent scarring” 🙁 And Nate there and all the others guys I’ve seen doing this, aren’t having their partners wear gloves. At some point, one of these guys is going to turn around after having suffered some horrific aftermath and denounce it.

  5. I think everyone exercises their sexuality however they want, unless it harms other people or themselves, which is clearly the case with Fisting. When I say I care about the performers’ health, I’m not kidding. They are human beings like us and they seem to be unable or unwilling to see this is harmful to the body. It’s not about judging or blaming, it’s about caring about their health and well-being. Fisting isn’t cool at all, quite the opposite. I hope studio and performers wake up to this reality.

  6. I try not to be judgmental about what other people enjoy sexually some things I don’t understand, but this is one of the things I just can’t watch……..

  7. I guess I understand the appeal of being so totally dominated that you take the maximum amount of a partner’s body that you physically can. In theory.

    But the anus is not meant to be abused in this manner. It can technically stretch to accommodate an arm, but it’s obviously not designed for that. Isn’t it enough that having normal anal sex regularly carries some risks from everything from continual douching, to the odd encounter without enough lube, or small internal injuries sustained in the heat of the moment? We’re lucky to be able to push the male body’s design limitations as far as we do.

    At least a vagina is meant to accommodate a large mass, and even that is incredibly traumatic and requires recovery time. Whatever fantasies you might have about being a human ventriloquist dummy, don’t risk permanent embarrassing damage to your body by indulging it. A rosebud is literally a red flag.

  8. I call it the Armond Rizzo syndrome. That boys asshole is so far stretched out, it’s crazy. As for the arguments about how a penis has the same effect, the sphincter and anus can retract back after anal sex. The manageable size of the penis makes a difference in that note but we’re talking about a fist and an arm plowing into someone’s ass.

    This is just constant brutal pressure and deforming of the anus and it’s also why performers who specialize in this fetish have to do some tricky measures for their sanitary purposes afterwards. Let’s say Kotex and Carefree pads people.

    Drew Dixon, the retired and disappeared Brandon Moore and Devin Franco are some of the names that come to mind and their asses are on a timeline till liner town. I’ve seen these boys take it to someone fucking bicep before. That’s just crazy.

    Everyone has their own fetish but every time I see a guy get fisted I end up cringing and feeling like I need to do some kegel exercises.

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