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Erik Drda of William Higgins aka Ruben Klee

Erik Drda had scenes released at William Higgins, Str8 Hell & Bad Puppy from 2015 to 2017.

His casting scene at Belami Online is the latest update on the site where he was given the name Ruben Klee.

Our casting guy today reminds us a bit of Nico Vangelis… both in the face and his buff body. Ruben is 19 years old and as you can probably guess, spends a lot of time in the gym. Sexually he describes himself as dominant, except for when he is being submissive… so I guess there is a lot of versatility in him.

Since he is still 19 years old at Belami Online, I would assume his casting scene was filmed in 2015 – the same year as his casting scene was released by William Higgins.

7 thoughts on “Erik Drda of William Higgins aka Ruben Klee

  1. ERIK or RUBEN – what ever he goes by is very very boring. G4P or just a shitty sex partner, I would pass in a second. Very small cock, and looks completely disinterested. So then am I….

  2. What sort of make up and digital retouching do they use at Bel Ami? This guy is certainly attractive, but in his BA shots he looks like every possible shadow and slight imperfection have been smoothed over to the point when he looks more like a mannequin than anything else. I have noticed that with many of their actors, who are very handsome indeed, but appear to have been photographed through vaseline-smothered lenses and airbrushed within and inch of their lives.

    It’s nice to look at and it’s evident that the photographers are talented, but the whole artifice of it is a bit bizarre.

    1. I’ve noticed Bel Ami does TONS of make-up, mainly to cover up acne and skin issues…and, of course, they can photoshop the hell out of their pics. They seem to have one of the most tightly controlled products of all gay porn.

  3. I think Erik Drda is one of the best looking guys of all the Euro guys from that region over the past ten years. Yes, he is boring as fuck, sadly. One thing of interest however…one of his first videos with Higgins, probably the Massage, he actually comes while being jerked and being anally penetrated by a finger or toy, I can’t remember. A lot of the guys get this same treatment and they must not really like it too much because most cannot get off from it. Drda was in that typical position ass up (on his knees) with his chest down and his face pointed toward the camera. The further interesting part is he either never bottomed or only did it once or twice. Maybe a missed opportunity? No doubt he’s yet another gay-for-payer after an easy check but a few of the “straight” guys are anally stimulated and if he is, he coulda been a GREAT bottom.

    On a different note, wonder why both Drda and Bradley Cook tried out for Bel Ami showing up only in casting videos but then worked so much for Higgins?

  4. Another new alias you might be interested in — Harlen Radcliffe from Gay Room/Man Royale aka Harlen Quindel from Brother Crush etc is now Alexander Ray at College Dudes and College Boy Physicals

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