Jay Tee “I had covid a year ago. Had no symptoms. I’m worried if I really need the vaccine if I didn’t even really get sick from it . And possibly long term effects from the vaccine.”


30 thoughts on “Jay Tee “I had covid a year ago. Had no symptoms. I’m worried if I really need the vaccine if I didn’t even really get sick from it . And possibly long term effects from the vaccine.”

  1. That’s the second production hold in basically two months…the STDs must be spreading like wildfire.

  2. Diesel Washington is a strange man he is a 40 something has been in gay porn. Too old to be talking shit about gay porn. If this old queen hates gay porn so much why talk about it?

  3. Kaden Grey HIV is not transmissible through the air and COVID is. Duh get your information right.

    Roman Todd you need to look into another kind of mirror bc your scenes SUCK and you are not great at all. You really should think about retiring permanently.

    Jay Tee the Pfizer vaccine is safe to take and protects you from ending up in the hospital or spreading it to others the only side effects are body aches, headache and/or slight fever after the second dose. This is the reason so many people are dying bc they don’t want to take the vaccine when people have been getting vaccines their whole life for shingles. the flu, and other things but people don’t think of these things. This pandemic will never be over unless all these retarded people that don’t want to take it, finally get it.

    As for Sean Costin you are still a dick wadd and will always be an asshole that no one wants to support with all the strings you are attaching to your proposition. GET A JOB!!!!!!!

    Ryan Ellis you need to leave porn as well with someone that is embarrassed to his man hole to any camera and is willing to jack off another guy or have another guy jack you off but have sex with only two girls on your OF and charge for it each time, you really need to think about going to straight porn and leave the gay porn industry alone. You really are one confused soul. People will only pay to see you jack off so many times.

  4. Sorry, Kayden Gray, but your logic is flawed.

    Yes, HIV is treatable, but so is COVID. And while HIV, left untreated, will lead to death 100% of the time, untreated COVID results in death only a small percentage of the time–and basically never for young, healthy pro-athletes.

    And yes, it is absurd that the NBA won’t let Kyrie Irving play unvaccinated for COVID when it allowed Magic Johnson to play while HIV+ prior to his retirement in 2000, long before modern treatments that can make HIV non-transmissible. I’m not saying the NBA accepted too much risk when it allowed Johnson to play; I’m saying that it is absurd for the NBA to refuse to accept much less risk with Irving.

    1. You’re forgetting a key factor– the method of transmission. HIV isn’t highly transmittable outside of very specific circumstances. COVID, on the other hand, could infect the entire stadium by the infected party simply breathing…

  5. SCOTT FINN – You and your crew… Put a hair net ON.
    SEAN COSTIN – What a complete Asshole.
    GREYSON LANE – STILL the most boring fuck in all of porn.
    CAIN MARKO – WHO ever you are? I am surprised as much as u that anyone would tip to see any part of you.
    ROMAN TODD – ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HOT. Wow.. You just keep getting better with age..
    JAY TEE – Quit being stupid and just get the shot. With all the other sketchy shit you have put in your body, the vaccine is the least scary thing..
    MAX CARTER – Unreal ! You literally helped a “friend” kill himself this year with your bullshit. Now you can just dress up and go to the party… No conscience at all, but we all knew that.

  6. Max Konnor says he hates social media through social media??!! Get lost!

    Jackson & buddy – cute pic

    Jay Tee – grow up, get the shot. I can’t even imagine all the other things that you have put in your body!

    Max Carter – looks like a messy crew.

    Gabriel – happy b-day stud. Keep making great content handsome!

  7. When you don’t make your own meal , you never know where the hands that made it were before and after cooking it and if they were washed properly..

  8. What, did someone call out Max Konnor’s strictly top false narrative again? He’s bottomed on and off screen since rebranding as Max, least not the pages of receipts as Isaiah Foxx. Doth protest too much. There’s nothing wrong with being a bottom. Bottoms make the world go round!

  9. Valentin Amour is handsome, but I can’t help it and think about his ass as a bubble wrap…You know, that one people can’t stop to burst?

  10. Roman Todd is a dreamboat, but for me, today Travis Connor takes the cake ( …roids and all )..

  11. It’s morbid fascination of the most pathetic person I’ve ever read about, but I do want to follow Sean Costin’s car-crash of a life. He’s already lashing out, before he even gets what he wants…so I can’t even begin to imagine how bad this is going to get.

    1. Of course you do Reg. You want to follow every detail of his life. Who he dates, what he eats, who he votes for, whether he has muesli or eggs for breakfast, his favourite type of cheese…

      You want to follow all these things obsessively and comment on each of them every time his name comes up because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO!!!! Still a weird creepy obsessive.

      1. Me? Again? Seriously? Have you got NOTHING better to do with your time? I know you don’t obviously, but you do realize how weird, creepy, obsessive and SICK you are for lurking in the shadows, just ready to pounce on anything and everything I say, right? You need help, mate.

  12. MAX KONNOR: I found inconsistent for him to use social media to say he doesn’t like social media. It even sounds like a joke.
    CAIN MARKO: He currently calls himself on his Twitter a “fleshmonger”. I support sex workers and, if I were one, I wouldn’t want to see a colleague talking like that.
    ROMAN TODD: The extent of the narcissism of this comment is shocking.
    JAY TEE: He should be better informed about the vaccine. Perhaps his ignorance is due to his age.
    MAX CARTER: I don’t think I would be friends with him.
    GABRIEL CROSS: He voted for Boris Johnson, a far-right extremist. He lost fans due to this. So, not for me.
    Good part: Liam Skye and Jim Fit; Valentin Amour; Jackson Reed; Oliver Hunt, Ricky Hard and Craig Marks (Gabriel´s photo). All seem simple people, with light themes. I would feel comfortable with them.

    1. “Boris Johnson, a far-right extremist.”

      @Bear, I have never heard anyone describe Boris Johnson in those terms. Being a member of the conservative (a relative term) party and being pro-brexit certainly does not make one a “far-right extremist”.

      1. @dashboard_1 I chose not to comment, but since you brought it up… Johnson is linked to xenophobic Brexit and that, to me, is something far-right extremist, but obviously you are free to think otherwise. These are different points of view.

        1. 1) “I chose not to comment, but since you brought it up” – I have no idea what this means as I was literally responding to your initial comment.

          2) I don’t know if you’re British but over 50% of voters opted to leave the EU. Are you suggesting millions of Brits are far right extremists?

          3) The row over Brexit became very heated, hence the ‘remainers’ (anti-Brexit) labelling ‘leavers’ (pro-Brexit) as xenophobic as a tactic. The truth is that the referendum allowed the British public to express their desire to have control over their democracy again via political parties that can be voted in and out, rather than unelected and unmovable bureaucrats in Brussels.

  13. Sean Costin how I loved you. We are in a pandemic still. No one has money or time like they used to. Time to go to the real world and work. No sugar daddy will want you if they get nothing in return. Your true colors have already show.

  14. Gabriel Cross is an inexplicably ubiquitous ugly pig faced Tory. To hell with him.

    Max Konnor hates social media…….until he uses it to complain about how certain white porn models won’t have sex with him…..

    Max Carter is a reprehensible molerat looking asshole. Probably going to stalk someone and demand they let him into his house after said party.

    I’ll take more people calling out ChiChi LaRue’s hypocrisy anyday, even if it’s from Diesel Washington.

  15. Max Konnor is really an asshole. This guy complains about white men who don’t want to have sex with him. He cries about racial stereotypes in porn yet is the black top stereotype. This man is a joke.

  16. Besides that literal ONE photo Travis Connor pinned on his twitter, every single image/video he looks SIGNIFICANTLY less attractive and that dick is small and limp. Why photoshop and clickbait people when the rest of your content is entirely different…?

  17. Roman Todd, who I never really found not, stopped being hot after Randy Blue days. He head is so big now because you guys got him thinking he’s a prize cause he’s one of the few pornstars from that era (and Randy Blue) that is still in demand. To who? Certainly not me. I have taste.

  18. I don’t know if Scott Finn is a good cook, but that sexy guy is a real good cock sucker. When he wraps his lips round a good cock, he goes at it like a hungry man eating his first meal in months.

  19. Travis looks great, Kayden is one of the sexiest ambassadors for safe sex that I have seen,valentin and greyson are handsome as is Jimmy Fit.Scott Finn can cook? Rhyeim still looks good…so Cross supports racist Boris Johnson…now I see why I never watch him

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