Craig Marks is your favorite model for 2021

Craig Marks was introduced by Lucas Entertainment last August 2021.

It’s been 8 months but he hasn’t been that active in gay porn. Besides Lucas Entertainment, he had scenes released by English Lads & one each at Men, Men At Play and The Bro Network (via Amateur Gay POV).

Some of his homemade scenes are at Raw Fuck Club.

Craig won as your favorite model for 2021. Second place was Kurt Langdon of Chaos Men followed by Kyle Fox, who was first introduced by Lucas Entertainment.

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Castro, Felix Fox, Kurt Langdon, Gino Zanetti, Mason Nicklaus, Thomas Wood, Jonah, Craig Marks, Kyle Fox, Adam, Cannon or Vince?
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6 thoughts on “Craig Marks is your favorite model for 2021

  1. I think he’s outrageously beautiful, but I can’t bear to watch most of his stuff because most of the studios he works for are trash from hell.

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