X: Cliff Jensen “My test was positive for gonorrhea!!” (tip @ Bangle1)

Cliff Jensen posted on X that he cancelled all his shoots for the month since he was having symptoms, and he blamed Spikey Dee for his STI test results, which weren’t current.

According to Spikey, he hasn’t worked in three weeks and has only worked with three individuals.

The two are positive for gonorrhea.

Spikey seems to be blaming Cliff since he hasn’t filmed with anyone recently but Cliff, a woman, and his roommate, Hatler Gurius. Of the four, it looks like only Cliff and Spikey got gonorrhea.

The roommate of Spikey, Hatler Gurius, came to Spikey’s defense. Cliff has filmed more with other content creators in the past five days than Spikey. To Cliff’s defense, he worked with individuals with valid test results except for Spikey.

As for Spikey’s test results, Cliff only asked for proof five days after they filmed, according to Hatler.

UPDATE You can now watch it: The video where Cliff Jensen or Spikey Dee contracted gonorrhea


  1. Cherrystick

    Mmhmm. These dudes fuck anything that has a penis, a pussy and a pulse then boom look at what happens. I have no sympathy for these two. Plus whatever happened to handling these things without all of us having to know the gritty details. Both Cliff and Spikey need to sit the fuck down and stop spreading both drama and gonorrhea. Stop all the fucking and get clean for goodness damn sake.

    • Jktooo

      Lol! 99.5% of all PSs r trash. U surround urself w trash u become trash.

    • JR

      I’m sure if it would be possible, a pulse would not be a requirement for this pair of idiots.

  2. bottomboyfrombrazil

    If only their porn material was as entertaining as their constant drama LOL
    But seriously what’s the matter with these people? They’re always caught up on some quarrel and controversy.

    • NovaStar

      It’s a shame that all of this has happened, but like Cherrystick said, I don’t feel sorry for them either. No matter who infected who, when you fuck raw, this is a possible result and since they’ve fucked around together, they have found out together. In fact, this is more entertaining than the movies that they make, which is very unfortunate. I hope that they both learned from the situation, but I also hope that they take better care of themselves and are more responsible with the people with who they work with so that they don’t get another STD and they don’t infect anybody either.

  3. logogay

    The fact that there are more positive tests in the porn business (also in gay porn) is mainly due to all the crossover actors who are now fucking EVERYTHING raw and the tests are shit. There is also the private life of the actors. It has been proven that women in particular can transmit this disease to men through vaginal sex. This is not an accusation from me, but a fact. One of them is lying. I think it was Cliff because he has lied many times in the past. I think actors should be more protected and that more money is spent on them instead of them having to pay everything themselves. But that’s also the price that such actors have to pay if they fuck EVERYTHING. Get well soon Spikey and Cliff.

  4. Reg

    Let me guess, Cliff is automatically going to blame gay porn for this and having sex with men and not all the nasty and indiscriminate pussy he has in his entirely straight personal life.

    The man is such a homophobic gay4pay bag of crap.

  5. Harry Bush

    Spikey posted his test including his real name. He has anal and oral gonorrhea. I recall him filming an orgy scene with Cliff, Hatler and someone else during the AVN awards.

    Someone isn’t being honest.

  6. jak

    Hatler is what the love child of gonorrhea and Cliff Jensen would look like. 3 of the grossest porn ‘stars’ (in their own mind) right here.

  7. Alex

    If it isn’t the consequences of your own actions.

    Bitches do be addicted to barebacking, well fuck around (literally) and you found out. Normalize condoms AGAIN.

    • Alex

      The bugchasing bitches are mad lmao

    • Matt

      Ha, it would only be mandatory for gay porn and what about straight porn? Those 3 idiots have been fucking more women than men and showing off their “sexual fluidity” and they would be accusing the gay community of spreading diseases and of course, having sex with a woman “does not contract any sexual diseases.” One of them lies and they should also protect themselves when they fuck women

  8. Camille

    One reason to not be promiscuous

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