Watch: The video where Cliff Jensen or Spikey Dee contracted gonorrhea

Yesterday, I made a post about Cliff Jensen and Spikey Dee, who were positive for gonorrhea after the two hooked up for their fan site.

The video is out now.

The main reason for its release was to earn back the money Cliff lost due to cancelled shoots.

Spikey reimbursed Cliff’s medical expenses.


  1. Pavel Ford

    WELL……….Here we go again. Cliff Jensen is yet again, a VICTIM. Through NO fault of his own, Cliff is an innocent victim and losing money and bla bla bla… And of course he always posts everything to show the world how people take advantage of him. I am waiting for the grift to set up a gofundme site to help him get back the money he is missing out on.
    Damn, He has to be the most attention starved asshole in all of porn. OH, and seeing Spikey Dee and Cliff just looks ANYTHING but hot. Makes your skin crawl a bit doesn’t it?

    • Cherrystick

      You’re so right. Look at these two. This is what people hire for whatever genre of scene. They look a mess and all you can think is that these two gave each other this crap and most likely has given it to others. Yuck.

  2. sammy1023

    Wow that’s great, on the top of my list of things to see…now if you can just fast forward so I can see the discharge and rash, that would be great, my life would be complete!

    • Bsg67

      lol I think the down votes missed the sarcasm…

  3. Bruiser

    Hope Gonorrhea at least got a producer credit.

  4. logogay

    And once again it shows what a terrible “crossover person” Cliff is, who only brings misfortune and bad karma to gays or gay porn. Gays please stay away from guys like this! He’s not worth a cent. Women and straight/biporn are welcome to have Cliff!
    I feel sorry for Spike, he is also a crossover model, but so far he has never caused any problems or negative headlines and has always just done his “work” in gay porn. I hope things get better again soon.

  5. Bsg67

    Manufactured drama for views? I wonder….

  6. NovaStar

    This story goes from bad to worse. There is no good guy in all of this.

  7. Magnus

    Both are gross… gonorrhea or not. Dee is sickly. At least Jensen used to be kinda attractive.

  8. JR

    Spikey with those ringlets on that already hideous hair is giving me Nelly Olsen/Little House on the Prarie vibes.

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