Drake Von, Johnny Rapid, and Arno Antino

Drake Von is the latest cross-over porn star at See Him Fuck.

Johnny Rapid, who was loved by his fans as the bottom at Men, now loves to top. His second bottom at Randy Blue was Colton Strong, whom he fucked in 2023 at his self-titled porn site.

Arno Antino had scenes as the bottom as Upton Sterling and scenes as the top as Arno Antino. His first scene as the bottom as Arno was his flip-fuck scene with Manuel Skye at The Bro Network.


  1. Jktooo

    Well to be fair the crossover of drake isnt really except for most of fis studio porn. His onlyfans has a lot of str8 scenes.

    Well its good spikey covered cliffs medical expenses. He shoulda been more careful in the first place and hopefully he will learn from this.

    • Jktooo

      Clarify….his str8 work isnt really new…

  2. Jktooo

    Ive ALWAYS preferred Johnny as a top way back when he was twinkish to all his more recent stuff where hes become say 90% of his work as a top. Siperhot!

    • Reg

      I can’t take him seriously as a top. The man is gay porn’s ultimate cock sock, willy warmer and I think holds the Guinness World Record for taking the most cocks in ALL porn, both gay and straight.

      • jktooo

        i understand how some people cant see him as a top since he bottomed so much but I think that was based on studio and fan pressure to keep it up. in his personal life he prefers to be the fucker not the fuckee. whatever hes fkn hot!

      • Camille

        I agree. But I appreciate people do other stuff they like.

  3. logogay

    Crossover Actors are annoying. They are constantly producing private dramas that have absolutely nothing to do with us gays, their straight/bi “work” has no place in gay porn blogs because gays shouldn’t be interested in it, only their gay porn “work”! Johnny Rapid’s expiration date has long since passed. He’s extremely boring in his “gay scenes” because he only shoots the same thing over and over again for less than a handful of scenes throughout the year for the same studio or his own bankrupt site.
    Arno Antino looks hot and seems versatile. I like well-built men with mustaches.

  4. Harry Bush

    Drake Von looked good getting fucked by Papi Kocic.

    • Camille

      It was meh for some standards but it was good for the “this is my first time so do not complain cause I lost my virginity” fantasy lovers.

  5. NCBored

    Denz, I don’t see any scenes as ‘Arno Antonio’?

    • Denz

      It’s Antino.

      I forgot to mention in the post that his scene was up next at The Bro Network. It’s now been released.

      • NCBored

        Perhaps it would avoid confusion if you correct your typo: you say above “Arno Antino had scenes as the bottom as Upton Sterling and scenes as the top as Arno Antonio”.


        • Denz

          I blame my writing skills. I was unable to explain it well.

          All I wanted to say was that he started as Upton and only had scenes as the bottom. When he changed his name to Arno, he first had scenes as the top. His scene with Manuel was his first scene as the bottom as Arno.

          This was the link I provided on the post: https://www.menofporn.blog/2024/03/bottom-as-upton-sterling-top-as-arno-antino.html (Bottom as Upton Sterling: Top as Arno Antino)

          • NCBored

            My point was that you say he had scenes a top as “Arno ANTONIO” (not “Arno ANTINO”) – I think this is a typo, since I can’t find any scenes under ANTONIO.

            • Denz

              Now I get it! I was still reading it as Antino, not Antonio.

              I am getting old.

              I edited the post. Thank you for bearing with me!

              • NCBored

                Thanks for correcting it! For me, identifying aliases of models is one of the most useful features of this site!

                Keep up the good work!

  6. Jumbo Male

    Guys on Bro Network look tired.

  7. Jirek

    I like Arno/Upton. When he razed the hair of his chest, however, he lost most of his charm in my eyes.

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