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Your favorite model for 2022 is Clayton Foster

Clayton Foster of Boy For Sale & Masonic Boys won over Monstah Mike, Andy McBride, Micky Mallato, Bradley Virile, JJ George, Ryder Owens, Dexter Quinn, Clark Reid, Jay Tate, Calvin Beckham & Lan as your favorite model for 2022.

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Andy McBride, Calvin Beckham, Micky Mallato, Dexter Quinn, Clark Reid, Lan, JJ George, Bradley Virile, Ryder Owens, Jay Tate, Monstah Mike or Clayton Foster?
1215 votes
Ends on 03/10/2023

13 thoughts on “Your favorite model for 2022 is Clayton Foster

    1. I read on one of these sites that Clayton was LeGrand Wolf’s boyfriend and that’s why he vanished. ‘‘Twas a rumor but could be.

  1. When someone asked about Clayton and the owner said there is more of Clayton coming soon and he is not retired but It has been months…..

  2. I think he has one more scene to be released on Carnal and it’s of course, with Legrand. Ugh! They completely stopped promoting him. He wins best newcomer and they don’t even promote it. Who knows, maybe something happened in his personal life who explains his zero social media presence as well. Hands down the hottest model they ever had. Maybe Cole got jealous…
    I was hoping he might escort.

  3. I messaged a performer who worked with him in the group BFS scene and he let me know that he is definitely not a boyfriend of any of the Carnal performers. He does not do any social media or OF. He loves the type of Content Carnal does and wanted to perform. I’m guessing he’s into mature men. No plans for his return to anyone’s knowledge.

  4. Actually, Clayton were dating Flix Kamp ( Dieter) and now they broke up, Clayton is definitely into older guys. He is no longer with these studios. You can also find him on Dieter social media.

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