Gay Hoopla will revert back to its Fratmen roots

The owners of Gay Hoopla left Fratmen (now offline) and in 2013 started US Cam Guys, later renamed to Gay Hoopla.

When we first started, the odds were against us. We were sued unfairly by our ex-employer and faced a large lack of income. We never lost our drive though.

Gay Hoopla seems to want the old glory of Fratmen back. For their 10th year anniversary, Gay Hoopla is making some changes to their content.

As GayHoopla expands into its 10th year, members will see some exciting changes, including two new interactive features: TRYOUTS and LEADERBOARD. Both features are brand new to the adult gay industry and will allow members to engage with amateur models, while new applicants can showcase their photos and videos to be voted on by members. Finally, GayHoopla members will have a say in who they see on the site! More LIVE Cams will be added to the shoot house and even more access to GayHoopla models will be possible. In the coming months, expect more never-before-seen throwbacks and behind-the-scenes footage from the early days of GayHoopla, as archives full of footage will be posted for exclusive members to watch.

Amateur solos. Interviews. Cam shows. Feels like Fratmen?

23 thoughts on “Gay Hoopla will revert back to its Fratmen roots

  1. That’s what I call euphemism for a complete shut down. It’d pointless. Nobody will spent that much money in solos in 2023 when there’s onlyfans “baiters” doing better and sites like Chaturbate and F4F… I feel sorry for the costumers that were victims.

    1. So many desperate thirst gays fall for those baiters and those baiters hate when gay/bi men approach or look at them in the streets.

  2. Basically this reads… we’ve milked our gay clientele now and we’re using those funds to expand our str8 sex and bi sex. We thank you but at the same time we don’t give a damn about your realm of porn. Okay byeeee!

    I actually wonder how in the hell they think that we want to see just solos and interact with their models. We could do that with a plethora of guys on Chaturbate and other webcam sites. The shit got dull with Fratman TV and it’s not going to work now.

    This is a shitty attempt to put a bandage on a gaping wound of subscribers leaving. The domination of Onlyfans is cancelling the fuck out of these studios left and right. Even the ones who have some heft and quality scenes are going through troubles. GayHoopla doesn’t even have that caliber of content. They’re problematic, out of touch and clearly not gay friendly despite shooting mediocre gay porn.

    This new format isn’t appealing to gay men. We don’t want to see a multitude of guys beat their meat and then sleep with tons of females. There’s nothing “experimental” with a guy masturbating on camera. We want our realm featured and not just used as an afterthought. Oh well. Their downfall was clearly coming.

  3. I have nothing left to say about these homophobes. But I hope that now gay porn blogs will finally stop promoting these scammers’ content. If you continue to put these solos up for best model voting, I’ll be incredibly pissed. It’s time we make these guys disappear from our lives, it’s what they actually want. They want nothing to do with gay porn, so you porn bloggers need to do the same with them

  4. Will you at least have the decency to stop promoting them and stop putting their stupid solos up for best model voting? Because they clearly want nothing to do with gay porn, so you’d better help us make them fall into oblivion.

  5. Live activity feeds; interactive interviews; cam shows: sounds like they’re taking all of the equipment left over from when Dmitry Dickov was involved with the Voyeurboys website and using it for this website, sort of like Voyeurboys-Hoopla. Same stuff warmed over especially when you think back to how “successful” voyeurboys was. This probably explains why Dmitry no longer does chaturbate shows with Slate Powers and his girlfriend. What kind of “activity feeds” are we going to see; guys getting ready to fuck their girlfriends? What kind of “interactive interviews”; “what personal websites are you plugging?” This is fine for those who just got internet service yesterday but for those who have been around through all of GH’s existence, and even before that, there’s nothing new under the Arizona sun.

  6. Good Bloody Riddance!

    I said about a year ago, that I hope this company fails when I noted that they were promoting HGF over GH and giving us less aesthetically pleasing models. They are totally taking the piss and have used the Gay Coin to put their crap str8 content above their lacking gay content, thus not giving fuck about their loyal gay fans.

    Their ethos was ‘ is a site that showcases energetic and extremely in-shape straight men. GayHoopla’s producers enjoy a keen ability for securing the best of the best from America’s supply of jocks! Therefore, Gayhoopla regularly delivers on their pledge to create well-produced, hardcore gay porn scenes.’

    What a joke and what a ‘Fucking Liberty’!

    1. But the question is, who is the subscriber base of HGF. I can’t see women subscribing to that site in mass. It has to be gay men. While they do prioritize HGF over GH, the men are shit performers on HGF too. I can’t see women watching those clips and getting off. A large majority of the men on there can’t fuck. I saw one scene and the guy was fucking like he was a virgin. I felt so bad for the poor woman who had to pretend to enjoy it with fake moans that should have been groans.

  7. In reality their passion is producing straight porn, Gayhoopla doesn’t fit that. Goodbye, the worst gay porn site is finally over.

  8. ….soooooo
    the BIG.. and errr… “totally exiting” news from GAYhoopla is they´ll stop doing GAY stuff and remodel the site into a sort of pre-2000 solo wank page
    yeah.. seems like a brilliant idea to offer lame solo wanks these days when 10.000s of onlyfans guys are doing everything imaginable for a fraction of the cost..
    good luck bitches.. you´ll need it.. DESPERATELY… hahahaha

  9. Not gonna lie…Micky Malato, Jeremy Barker, Andy McBride, Jordan Joseph, Kane Hardy, and Mick Rocket- really going to miss seeing them in action.

    I definitely cancelled my membership with this news. They have to do what’s best for their business, but I am quite disappointed at this news.

  10. Its safe to say this announcement went down like a bunch of lead balloons on twitter. No one is going to pay for a site full of solos, its pointless,you might as well just go on any other cam site which will cost less.
    I’m also going to assume these guys will be filming HGF scenes anyway and the interactive vote thing wont actually mean anything, so why wouldn’t people just pay for that site instead.

    Its obvious that their HGF site is where all the money is coming from because thats where all their focus has been going towards for years now.

  11. “Surprised pikachu face”. RIP Gayhoopla, at the very end this shit show of a site gives nothing to it’s delusional fans. Next on the list Bi?guysfuck.

  12. Well, they’re free to change their website format and content, but they should have given a heads-up to subscribers BEFORE the change instead of posting lame “never seen” videos which are basically just left over edits that weren’t deemed good enough for the initial release. In any event, as soon as I saw this I cancelled my subscription.

  13. Funny how the models say they don’t like dick and even claimed to have been forced to suck and bottom but all of the retired ones are doing trans porn and bottoming for trans on OF lol

  14. Bye. Never understood the appeal of GH. Yes, they got some hot guys – but the videos were so horribly filmed they bordered on unwatchable.

  15. I wonder if the 10 yr time span and that they are adding features similar to things from the Fratpad days have anything to do with each other.

    While the Fratpad was I guess somewhat successful back in the day, as others have said, times have changed and I don’t see it being something people want in 2023.

  16. I saw this coming a mile away, and I often spoke about it here in the comments. They started to neglect GH after the pandemic. By the end of 2021, you saw the difference in how they prioritized HGF over GH. It was over once their star performers (Channing, Marcos, Canelo, Kellan) jumped ship. And when 1 out of 8 of the new models on HGF went to GH to do guy on guy—just solos! Yeah, I knew it was coming. I don’t see it as a bad thing. If you can’t bring people quality content, GTFO of the game. They might as well shut the site down because a Fratmen style site is dated in the OF porn era for obvious reasons.

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