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11 thoughts on “Bottom as Upton Sterling: Top as Arno Antino

  1. “A versatile dancer, French Canadian goofball with a trademark mustache from Montreal/Quebec!”
    I thought actors for MEN/MG or BroNetwork/Masqulin have come constant from this region in recent years who are either “Pseudo Gay”/Bi? (e.g. Mateo Tomas/Cristiano/Maverick Sun/Enzo Muller) or G4P/Straight (e.g. William Seed/Malik Delgaty/Chuck Conrad/Papi Kocic/Nate Rose/Kenzo Alvarez) and then fucks vaginas for the “queer organization” MEN/MG or have robotic, stereotypically boring sex with “men’s asses” without blowing/kissing/rimming and without creating chemistry/passion/lust with fake cum shots or limp cocks!
    This means so he doesn’t have good qualifications as a “future gay porn star”! But I like his overall male look with his mustache. Unfortunately, I will never see it “live” because I don’t subscribe to/buy any of these sites.

    1. William Seed fucks with guys off camera and is openely bisexual, same with Kocic. Kenzo Alvarez cums without edits.
      Stop creating problems that don’t exist.

      1. Yes, exactly, you said it. And that’s why you’re writing to revise things I write and present them as TRUE. So that YOU solve all the problems that exist in gay porn. Who is telling the TRUTH? Don’t you?

      1. Who that? Ms. Monroe not only was the greatest Movie Star of all time but also had the best arse ever. Heard her hygiene wasnt the best though…

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