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X: Sean Cody “Now who’s gonna get to the bottom of this? An iconic bottoming debut is coming on APRIL 12th!”

21 thoughts on “X: Sean Cody “Now who’s gonna get to the bottom of this? An iconic bottoming debut is coming on APRIL 12th!”

      1. His appearance has drastically changed since he was active in porn. I would not have recognized him but for the caption.

  1. For those still enamoured with Sean Cody, are their BIG BOTTOMING debuts even a big deal anymore?

    Clark Davis’ tweet was perfectly placed at the top, considering the tweet that came right after his….and quite a few more in this bunch.

  2. There was a thread that went viral on gay twitter this week about your favorite gay porn star from the past you miss.

    Josh Moore flipped it around and asked which ones do you wish would go away. Derek Kage followed by Austin Wolf got the most mentions and votes.

  3. (Almost many) posts from former/current G4P/Straight/Bi? Types/actors that no one is interested in anyway. Except queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people with an obsession with guys/models like that! No matter what you are currently doing, have done or will do!

  4. I know it probably won’t be but I wouldn’t mind if it was Jax that was going to bottom. I’m a little bit surprised that Men didn’t attempt to try to make some poor parody of CMBYN with Jax.

  5. Clark Davis – I can’t say i know much about his work but he’s telling the truth. I don’t watch straight porn, but I don’t blame anybody for watching it because gay porn is lacking so severely nowadays that it’s not shocking to see folk flock where the films are really hot and everything that needs to be done is getting done. It speaks to where gay porn is in 2024.

    Cliff Jensen – yuck. That is all

    Rustin – if what he’s saying is true, then that’s truly fucked up & another reason why OF has got to go.

    Dalton Riley – a convention for Masterbators? Chile……..I’ve heard it all tonight smh lolol

    Derek Kage – cheating on his girlfriend with a man. Trying to get his gay card back or something? The one he claims to have but doesn’t? Boy BYE!!!

    Devin Franco – the more i see that buzz cut on him, the more i don’t like it. He needs more hair on his head

    Malik Delgaty – that “big Kitten” should’ve bitten his sorry big ass

    Damien Soup – all them tattoos on him aren’t cute at all.

    Vadim Black – tell that lame rat motherfucker to go away!

    Sean Cody – no matter who bottoms, the scene is gonna be hot garbage anyway. It won’t be good no matter who’s in it cause the sex is gonna be so fucking abysmal.

    Tyler Saint – all that sexiness and those dicks. Looks so delicious!

    1. RE the rustin comment: it is true. i have a friend that has a pretty large following on OF and they use a service to respond to subscribers. its lame and dishonest!

  6. So Sean Cody still thinks it’s 2010 and they are making sexy hot gay porn.

    Clark Davis spot on assessment of “gay” porn as for the rest…. Nope

  7. A lot of hate for Derek Cage but I like him. I don’t delve too much into their off screen actions as long as they’re not hurting anyone or putting down gays. (Has he?) He is good looking and does just about anything and everything when having sex. Topping or bottoming. He may be a bit over exposed but he can go on for awhile more. Considering who’s performing lately he does a damn good job. Tops who never bottom or suck, bottoms who are just plain ugly.

  8. Just looking at the preview from Active Duty of Kyler Drayke, there is just something about him that gets me hard, tight lean body, tiny nips and that huge dick. He did just a couple of scenes at Sean Cody, but wouldn’t say no to seeing his hot ass getting plowed!

  9. LUKAS DAKEN – Creative, polite, artistic, gorgeous.
    DEREK KAGE – He thinks what he types it´s interesting but it´s boring as hell. He sounds very Poser, trying to be the “cool guy”, but failing.
    DEVIN FRANCO – After he became strange with that kinky stuff, I lost interest.
    DAMIEN SOUP – In my opinion, those tattoos are horrible. He worked as gay performer using the stage name Bo Sinn. Uninteresting, forgettable scenes.
    CLARK DAVIS – He is telling the truth. 100%.
    DALTON RILEY – Beautiful, polite.
    MALIK DELGATY – He interacted with fans a lot more in the past. But it seems that fame has gone to his head. He appears in the scenes in an extremely robotic way.

  10. I love the idea of Dalton Riley being at a Master Bators convention and trying various outfits. What a hot concept and I would be in the front row. Love to see him dress in a Speedo then in a leather harness and leather jock and then in tight jockstrap with tight gym shorts. I would have jerked out three loads by then just by watching him.

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