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19 thoughts on “Back in action: Travis Youth

  1. I don’t give a shit what “he” claims to be (Bi/Straight/G4P)!
    All I know is that (almost) everything that comes from this homophobic fraudulent creators of the “three websites” in question finally not good. There is only one exception (Jayden Marcos)!
    And this guy (Travis) here knows nothing except lying and cheating.
    He “learned” from the shittiest three websites (GH/BGF/HGF).
    And he probably won’t get an erection right either. He fits in with those “sleazy anti-social” websites (SketchySex/Raunchy Bastards/FraternityX)!

      1. just said I don’t give a shit what he calls himself. It’s true, I would rather have “gay” actors in gay porn than guys who can’t get an erection or create chemistry, passion and horniness during male sex and instead just want or can constantly show us gays how great they can fuck and lick vaginas in gay porn. I know you and your friends here on this blog are part of the queer/bi/straight/pan/bi agenda, but I don’t give a shit about your comment like mine if you don’t understand it anyway and instead just everything take out “negatives” and “convert” it into “phobia”!

  2. Only in gay porn can you be a legitimate criminal and still get a job in the industry. Another example of why gay porn sucks in 2024.

        1. I hope no one tells Rocco since he is doing so well, but he does seem Very Gay when he speaks,at least to me on his youtube channel. But hopefully it is just something I sense. Porn chick Lexi Belle did say he told her very early on that he was a homosexual.

    1. I’m willing to be more lenient in this case, because it was a drug offense, not something like murder or domestic violence.

      But yeah, the gay porn indstris indeed full of wife beaters. This is no secret to anyone.

      1. That is because they are homosexual men with mental issues accepting their gayness who should not be involved with women. And parents should tell their daughters not to get involved with gay prostitutes. If you must be with a gay man, even one that works at Burger King is better than being involved with a gay prostitute. Look at Looking For Mr. Goodbar, 50 years ago but still relevant or that wicked old witch , Miss Ryan Idol. He should really be in for Life for attempting to kill that woman, as if it is HER fault that he is a homosexual. Miss Idol only got 12 years. I always thought she was a horror and she was very very gay.

  3. I wholly and thoroughly forgive him for anything wrong he might have done knowingly or unknowingly.

  4. What I always ask myself is why such guys (who aren’t actually into men) ALWAYS return to gay porn after a long period of abstinence or approach people who are gay(?). Why don’t these guys go to straight porn or queer porn where they can fuck anything or what they actually (really) want. I think that straight porn is consistent and doesn’t let guys who have already caused harm or left a bad influence may come back. But the owners of gayporn studios are now so desperate that they continue to welcome any trash, no matter how depraved (and it doesn’t matter how homophobic or negative these people were during their “active” time towards gay porn, gay fans and subscribers or gay in general) carry on and get back to the negativity! No wonder gayporn has such a bad reputation, as a “pure gay” you already feel guilty and bad if you have to subscribe or pay for something like that. It’s really bad what gay porn has become and it’s not only getting worse from year to year but from month to month……

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