Xbiz “Death of TheGuySite.com Owner William Futral Investigated As Homicide”


It seems Collin Simpsons meant what he said about retiring from porn.


  1. Brad

    So it seems Masculine Jason has had a backlash about all the ” how to be masculine” bs he’s been spewing on YouTube. Pitty 🙄

    In response to his rant, there is nothing wrong with being masculine. The issue is that you have to be like Jason in-order to be his version of masculine.

    Masculinity come in many forms. The myth that you have to be a heavily tattooed, asshole muscle bear in-order to be one, is a self serving myth created by those who can suck the air out of a room just by being the biggest, baddest and loudest jerk in the room..

    Which brings me to Colby Jansen.. it wasn’t the fact you were bigger and your bear porn didn’t sell.. it was the fact that you did all that bi and trans porn, while basically giving the middle finger to your gay fans , in order to live your “truth”…

  2. JB

    Love the Tweets-of-the-week feature, it’s just the best.

    Glad to see Collin’s account is gone (for now). Buh-bye

    Henrik needs to go the same route as Collin and other retired porn stars and just fade off into the sunset, get on with your life, and get off social media.

    Most of the rest are just ‘Oh, no, I’m under attack!! Poor me!’ Yawn. We heard all that nonsense before and we’re not buying it.

    Sad about The Guy Sites owner’s murder. From what I read elsewhere it was a volatile domestic situation and now there is a warrant out for the Guy Site model’s arrest.

  3. JR

    Blowjobs don’t do it for Pierce Paris? Maybe something to do with the fact he can barely keep an erection.

  4. tig68

    Pierce Paris should go by Mr. ED (Erectile Dysfunction} this is probably the reason he doesn’t like bj’s he should just give up the gay porn industry all together. Take a hint from Collin Simpson he left you should too.

    Cliff Jensen if you are not putting out what your fans want then just go to straight porn and leave the gay porn industry all together. Do everyone a favor and just leave.

    It’s sad to hear that the owner of TGS was killed I hope the idiot that did it gets caught so they can go have all the sex they want behind bars.

  5. Alex W

    My new year’s resolution for 2023 was to be less negative. Well… It was a valiant effort on my part, but I didn’t make it.

    I’m just curious. Will we be seeing any new faces? Porn performer-wise, I mean. I am really over this batch of assholes.

    Pierce Paris – I’d not like blowjobs either if my dick was perpetually swinging between my legs and unable to stand erect. What is it with this guy? There’s always this underlying displeasure in the tonality of his posts. It seems that money is the only thing keeping him on the gay side of the industry. Either retire or move on to something else. Please!

    Dmitry Dickov – Yes, it’s been a LONG time. You still look exactly like the same. Not sure if that’s a good thing. Maybe you could pair up with Pierce. You and him both seem to have the same problem.

    Chris Damned – I can’t believe I started out liking you. I must have been having a psychotic episode or some shit…. And speaking of psychotic. Henrik. Sorry. I couldn’t read more than one line. You’re the soap opera that keeps on giving.

    Collin Simpson – Adiós pendejo!

  6. Cherrystick

    First thing is that it’s astronomically sad about the death of The Guy Site owner. That’s a painful and horrific turn of events and I hope his family and friends rally to cope through this loss together.

    Henrik’s mental instability is very alarming. His erratic behavior has amped up in recent times and he’s definitely in need of some help.

    Pierce your penis has been self manipulated for so many circus tricks and mediocre porn that it’s probably in need of some magic tricks just to get some satisfaction. My suggestion just stop shooting all of the studio porn and give it a damn break. Of course a weirdo like Dolf would piggyback and be your main cheering section. After all birds of feather flock flaccidly together.

    It kills me how some of these guys get so butt-hurt when their beginning fans (gay men) unfollow, unsubscribe, dislike or have something to say when these guys start shooting all of this bisexual/trans porn. We’re gay men. We don’t want to see you penetrating and eating out vaginas and then question why we’re not interested. Silas, Cliff and Colby need to realize that and stop trying to make it seem like bigotry is the reason for their declines.

    Bisexual men of the industry need to stop this bi-victimizing rhetoric and come to their senses. You boys started in gay porn and stayed aloof about your sexuality. Once you made your fan bases with primarily homosexual men, then you wanna dive into the pussy bandwagon and just act like we should just shut the fuck up and take it, no questions asked. Well cupcakes, you’re wrong.

    Chris and Elliott needs to sit their asses down somewhere. Matter of fact I wish Colin would come back. Only so he can come grab those two and take them with him. These men are exhausting.

    • Gazzaq

      Cherrystick, I could not have put this better myself and bloody excellent observations especially the last 3 paragraphs which are is bang on re of the state of the Gay Porn Industry Now!!

      • Cherrystick

        Gazzaq you’re sweet. I mean it just gets so damn exhausting hearing these dudes play the “woe is me” card.

        • Gazzaq

          Ah cheers. I agree the woe is me is so tiresome and too many gay man pander them and give even more attention sadly.

  7. Soothsay

    Okay, I will ask the obvious question. If Elliot Finnis “done” porn, and retired – so insistent on that fact that he reposted his “retirement” video- why does he keep fielding questions about it? Why does he continue to talk about it?

    Look at it logically. If I was a…I don’t know..investment banker, and made a lot of money, but came to found out I didn’t enjoy it and the career “wasn’t me” (Eliot’s reasoning), I’d leave, right? Go into something that I felt better about. Got my money, got my time in, done.

    I wouldn’t continue to talk about it. I dont do it anymore. I don’t make money that way.. If you believe me, I had to force myself to do it, at least parts of it.

    So if I keep fielding questions it means one of two things, probably
    1) I miss it, and I potentially want to come back, and this conversatin is keeping me in it, or
    2) I was lying, and I didn’t hate it, and I’m finding it hard to define my life without it.

    He either needs to be honest, or just stop talking about it. These questions are worse than saying you quit and having an OF account.

    • Ian

      I think it’s entirely possible he’s just a narcissist who likes the residual attention while still not even being bi or liking the actual work.

  8. Reg

    “Ludvig” is the murderer, right?

    Pierce…I can’t imagine who in their right mind would even want that permenantly flopping thing in their mouth, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Oh and the boyfriend beating drug addict is calling you a superstar? That says a lot about both of you.

    How about you just post content and shut up, Cliff? You’re not actually posting anything decent, because you don’t make anything decent, but just stop whinging.

    singsong voice “He’ll be baaccckkk…” Unfortunately and with a vengeance. We actually could have a poll! I guess two weeks, or at most a month if he’s back in jail.

  9. Larry

    I don’t think Colby Jansen’s issue was ever his weight. He a good looking guy at either weight… It’s the content. There’s nothing wrong with if that’s what he enjoys, but the type of content that he makes is only going to appeal to a smaller audience.

  10. Jay

    Jason Masculine doesn’t understand the term ‘Toxic Masculinity’. Critiquing a concept is fair game, but you need to understand it first.

    He’s an idiot.

  11. Gazzaq

    I gonna start off by saying the reporting on this on that blog STR8UP Gay Porn is really distasteful. Yeah I get the individual that runs that sites gets off on praising then demonising the Gay 4 Pay performers, but putting all of their information, plus Williams rape by his alleged murder is step to far.

    Its sad news about the violent death of TheGuySite.com owner full stop, who provided a pretty decent service and content for his subscribers RIP William Futral! Also to many of these young porn lads died too soon and have not lived have they like Alex Riley?

    Now thank goodness I don’t live in the USA re gaining medication as that sucks for Ryan Dixon. See with Elliot sometimes I find him infuriating but this statement was really positive and realistic re what he said regarding his mother’s response, as it cant be easy for family members to embrace a porn models career choice can it? No matter how successful or how much money they make from it to be fair a lot of people in their friend and families just accept it.

    Colby Pal we all get old that’s just life pal . Also drinking and wanking like that aint a good look mate! Alright Cliff J and Chris D chill out for fuck sake yous two! And has anyone had Botox in their butthole? Enough said Jesus!!! Masculine Jason never really heard of him. Who Is He? As he gets lots of comments on here and they are not always great?

    Nate S’s got the right idea as a good life balance is needed for mind and body for those who work long term in the gay porn industry which is toxic! And Bless Henrik I hope he is getting the mental health assistance that he needs and bless his mum family are difficult at the bets of times.

    Cheers Denz I don’t how you do it but you gotta shift through a load of crap don’t you mate to give us these highlights, but at least you are always measured in your content and not challenging (I could used other words but wont’) like the first individual I mentioned in this overlong monologue. That person thinks she’s a high flying reporter and her previous article of Dane from Corbin Fisher giving his full details was bad enough, but the aforementioned individual is on another level!

  12. Bruiser

    There’s crazy. There’s batshit crazy. Then there’s Henrik Sommer crazy. There’s boring. There’s mind numbingly boring. Then there’s Elliott Finn boring.

  13. JJ

    I love Elliot Finn and Dmitry Dickov so much, especially the latter. Elliot is delightful to look at. Dmitry has a sexy body and dick.

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