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Second comeback: Lane of Sean Cody

Lane first had scenes released at Sean Cody from 2015 to 2020.

He joined X in 2017 to promote his fan site as Michael Convertino, but later changed to Michael C.

He made a comeback in 2022 with two scenes.

He is back again at Sean Cody with his threesome with Rocky Unleashed and Paco Colombiano.

10 thoughts on “Second comeback: Lane of Sean Cody

  1. I like him but not in that way. As a mostly bottom guy he often brings out the best in top PSs, Daniel/andy catlin for example.

  2. Sometimes ink is really sexy. But if I brought a guy home and then saw those dumbass tattoos, I would hide the knives and then find a way to move the night along quickly.

  3. I never really minded Lane. He was ….”serviceable”
    You always could tell he was just in it for the money. He never generated much Lust. All in all, harmless really. But the new and older Lane with more stupid ink? No, should have stayed away.

  4. He’s ok on the current SC where he eats cum along with Paco Colombiano who steals the scene as he has in virtually every other scene he has been in, mostly on OF and JFF. Hope he’s in the mainstream to stay.

  5. I liked him better with less tattoos and some color, the whole albino look doesn’t suit him well, especially when it contrasts with nasty chest ink.

  6. I hope the 3rd time turns out to be a charm for her as the news of her other 2 comebacks didn’t exactly set the gay fuck film world on fire! She’s actually not bad, though, despite the (ugh) tattoos!

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