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Now at Corbin Fisher: Canyon Cole (tip @ Trex)

The first to release a scene of Canyon Cole was Say Uncle back in October 2023.

Last January, he was one of the three newbies introduced by ASG Max.

Today, he is the latest newbie at Corbin Fisher as Micah, with his scene as the bottom to Rocky.

6 thoughts on “Now at Corbin Fisher: Canyon Cole (tip @ Trex)

  1. Does that make sense for CF? For subscribers who ONLY subscribe to CF and no other websites (which I doubt for porn addicts), he would now be a newbie. But since they already know him from a few other labels. And then they always pair these actors with Rocky or Barron or Chris or other CF Dinosaurs! The last two newbies (Patrick, Teagen) who were “really” new to CF were a disappointment. One had a solo and then only fucked a vagina and the other (so far) only have a solo. The “CF strategy” to gain new subscribers is really incomprehensible. That’s why they constantly have to make discounts of between 50% and 80% so that anyone can still subscribe. Makes sense!?

      1. It’s sad when people say something like that or point it out in (gay) porn. So porn can be racist, criminal and homophobic?!

  2. I kinda like “Canyon” and I am sure it is exactly that, very cavernous…
    I will await his future work and hope for the best.

  3. His scene with Rocky is, of course, all Rocky who spends most of the time either aggressively kissing Canyon with or without his dick inside the guy or sucking Canyon, which is almost half the scene. Fantastic scene for Rocky devotees though it still seems like he has some kind of gag reflex.

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