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Then and now: Devin Franco, Jax of Sean Cody, and Vadim Black

Devin Franco has an upcoming scene with Kyle Fletcher at Next Door Studios.

Devin has not had his hair this short in the scenes I’ve seen of him.

Jax, who had two scenes released at Men, is known for his work at Sean Cody from 2018 to 2021.

He is still active on X.

Vadim Black, who started at Broke Straight Boys, had added more tattoos to his body while working in gay porn for sites like Men.

Is he making another comeback?

14 thoughts on “Then and now: Devin Franco, Jax of Sean Cody, and Vadim Black

  1. Devin Franco – he’s always been hot to me but his films have either really turned me on or turned me off. This preview is turned me on and reminded me of why I’ve liked him. I just wish he was consistent but he’s so much better than so many, such as what’s next to talk about…..

    Jax – he’s hot gut with a “guy next door” look but he’s worked with MEN & Sean Cody, so that tells me that I won’t see him at his full potential, which sucks greatly. And then there’s…..

    Vadim Black – it doesn’t get any lower than this. He’s truly the worst of the worst and i hope & even pray that he doesn’t come back to gay porn. He is a poster child for everything that’s wrong with gay porn. Nothing worse than a performer who is all about himself and not about the other guy and giving him pleasure. Vadim is trash he needs to stay in the garbage can where he belongs. Gay porn stinks already, it doesn’t need to smell any worse than it does now with him coming back to the scene. Stay gone.

  2. Devin Franco- only thing against him is his relapsed rectum which truly repulse me; nothing more disgusting than rosebud or whatever its called. His OF fuck with Derek Kage was gross too; the view of completely limp cock squirting cum…ewww…

    Jax- closeted bisexual who is so turned on by the guys he is fucking that he cums almost at the same time he is pulling out (scene with Zane,Dean and several more). Not really hot but I like how much he likes fucking ass.

    Vadim Black- small (in every dimension) piece of shit, closeted bisexual, attention whore from Dayton with lady pimp. Almost remind me 2014-2015 period again. He was really into Michael DelRey tho.

  3. Devin is another of those hoes I find repulsive, dude really out here looking like an ashy, crackhead corpse

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Just when I didn’t think he could make himself more repulsive, he goes and shaves his head.
      The way he turns around when he is getting fucked and the expression on his face, like he is in some kind of pain, when we all know he can’t feel anything below the waist.
      The icing on the cake is that he claims to be 34. Girl please. 54 maybe.

  4. 1. Vadim Black is a 5 out of 5 for me. Such an angelic face and he has showed stamina in his performances. He’s my number 1 in this selection.
    2. Jax is gorgeous too. Sean Cody in its twitter account stated someone considered an icon is going to bottom for the first time. Will it be him? I don’t want to 🙁 I want him as a total top.
    3. Devin Franco the guy is a slut and has a great stamina but for some reason I am not into him. Probably his physique is not appealing to me.

  5. I remember a younger JAX. Perfect body/face/cock. Always generated heat in his scenes. The current version looks a bit desperate and scary.
    We all remember Vadim. Not much to add to all the above comments. I do know him from his very early years in Wellington Florida. Using dumb girl after dumb girl ( and their mothers ) all the while looking for some rich closeted sugar daddy on Palm Beach Island. Failed at everything and was run out of town.
    This guy will one day end up in jail, no doubt. I will admit – I did lose my load to that boy’s scenes a few times. I do see the charm and appeal.
    Mr D. Franco – Some guys look ok, even sexy with no hair. You girl are NOT on that very short list.

  6. Devin is actually gay and proud and he is also a kinky sexual person. I’ve watched several interviews with him and he is a nice guy it seems. Outside of porn he makes furniture for a living. He hasd one talented hole and his dick ain’t bad either.

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