AKA: David Strom aka Alessandro Drago aka Adriano

A month ago, Hot Guys Fuck posted on X of the arrival of a newbie, whom I mentioned in a post that he was known in gay porn as Alessandro Drago (Sean Cody and Next Door Studios) and Adriano (Corbin Fisher).

His solo as David Strom was released on the the sister site of Hot Guys Fuck at Gay Hoopla. It seems he did not film a straight scene for Hot Guys Fuck.

Was David sent home by Hot Guys Fuck because of his gay porn past?


  1. logogay

    Really to hell: who cares about this actor and especially this crappy heterosexual website? Only queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid types are interested, not gays! Because nothing happens there that could even in the slightest excite gays or have their attention! If this actor suddenly does a vagina scene, what happens? Then take pictures and a report about it here on a blog that should mainly focus only on gay porn and what happens around it? I don’t understand the point of this article, who has nothing to do with gayporn, from the past. Sorry Denz, I always had respect for your work but this is information that gays or gay porn fans don’t need at all.

    • Zann

      The blog isn’t about gay porn. It literally says it in the tagline: “Men Of Porn. Mostly from gay porn, but sometimes from bisexual and straight porn.”

      • logoqueer/bi/straigt/pan/fluid

        My way or the highway

        • logogay

          Just because you change my name from gay to queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid and then use it doesn’t bother or provoke me. It just shows once again that people like you can’t do anything other than attack, provoke or insult gays. Like studios like MEN/MG or GH/HGF or actors who are just like you. Poor and sad.

          • NCBored

            Too funny! No one else on this site attacks gays more than you! Anyone who doesn’t match your own narrow personal definition of ‘gay’ gets labelled “queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid” and insulted with terms like ‘old’ & “queen” (which really says a lot about your prejudices!) Sad!

            • logogay

              IRONY! Because you, of all people, belong to the group of people who keep writing to me and attacking me, which can be seen in your opinion. I’m right in what I say and that upsets people like you on this blog. It’s always those who attack, condemn and are insulting/mean, who want to accept everything in gay porn and present themselves as the most understanding/tolerant people, but when a gay wants to stay gay and something don’t like that and not accepted in gay porn and people like you hated US! For People like “The QUEER Agenda” is that method of perpetrator/victim repentance always been known! That’s sad!

    • logogay

      However, I am gay, not queer or bi or anything else. Feel free to call me biphobic, because that’s the only thing people like they can react to. They constantly want to have heterosexual things, vaginas, women, scenes in gay porn and immediately portray yourself as a victim if gays don’t want such things in gay porn. I am aware that the synopsis of this blog and the intention behind it is to shed light on or inform “men” who work in the porn business. But to then refer almost 95% only to gay porn and its actors and therefore to mainly address almost only gays is strange. The remaining 5% immediately attack and talk all the time like this blog belongs to them and they are always the poor victims who have to suffer while they want to suppress or change gays in their space or porn all the time. If I’m not interested in an actor or these studios who are straight or bi at all, then that’s the way it is. Instead of enjoying the actors for they who are different or these studios that are for them, only attacks or insults come from other people who is not gay . That’s just how they are when people like i am gay, and in a blog that is aimed primarily at gays, speak and nothing else…

      • Zann

        Why do you spend so much time reading this blog if you hate it so much? All you do is post large paragraphs of complaining. Have you ever said anything remotely positive?

        • McM.

          Apparently, he really likes TimTales.


        • logogay

          When I see all the reactions (only to the people who attack me) then I ask myself who is saying the right thing here. It speaks volumes! Thank God there are still sober/normal thinking people on this blog who form their own opinions on this. Also, I don’t care whether people see me as positive or negative or downvote or like me. It’s about a voice and opinion that is not for the “AGENDA”!

          • Zann

            The only “volumes” it speaks is how little you have going on in your life: that you would sit there switching from server to server to simulate a sudden, synchronized rush of “normal thinkers” over a 2-hour time period. All to create artificial clout on an obscure porn blog. That’s two hours of your life you’ll never get back.

            Do you think people are stupid?

            • logogay

              No, I think you’re the one who constantly changes names and constantly writes and incites against gay people here in this blog! You also spend a lot of time moving from server to server just to advance your queer agenda and statements. Oh and yes, I think you’re stupid.

              • Zann

                Hm, well, whatever makes you feel better buddy. Hope something meaningful happens for you eventually.

                • logogay

                  The same goes for you. Everything you accuse me of you do yourself and you’re no better. Just that you and your friends stand up and fight for queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid in gay porn here on the blog, while I stand and fight for GAY in gay porn! And that is the real/true difference between us!

          • NCBored

            Perhaps instead of trying to make this blog conform to your own views & preferences/prejudices and criticizing & insulting everyone whose tastes don’t align perfectly & exclusively with your own, you’d do better to create your own blog tailored to your own personal interests.

            That would be a win-win for everyone!

    • rg

      Just what are you objecting to? There are no pictures of women from whom you might catch the cooties, and it was mentioned that the actor had not performed any straight scenes. Do you dislike him because he might have been in the same room as a woman?

      • logogay

        You also throw things at me that I don’t mean. I said why I, as a gay men, should be interested in an actor like him when he makes straight porn or a label that only makes straight porn (GH/HGF)! Don’t distort the facts and especially try to use the “This guy is a misogynist” scam by asking me such strange questions. That’s what people like you are good at. Are you approximatley a woman?

  2. PC

    Somewhere along the way I believe I read that he was from Chile and a professional (ballet?) dancer. Don’t know if that’s true. I think he looks better now. I like the moustache/beard and his body looks more mature.

  3. geerdo

    Denz- His name is David Strom and not Storm.

    • Denz

      You are right. I edited the post.

      I think I used Storm due to post on X (last image of this post) from Gay Hoopla.

      • geerdo

        Yes i saw that on X they use the name Storm.

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