X: The Advocate “Sean Cody model and gay adult film actor sentenced for murdering Alaskan surgeon.”



  1. AndThenTheresMaude

    Let’s review shall we..

    Last year Colby Jansen tweeted ” I’ll fuck anything for a paycheck” ( a tweet which has since been deleted), then hired a PR company to deal with the “fallout” from this.

    Then recently, apparently realizing that even the PR company couldn’t pull him out if this career nosedive, Colby goes and creates an alter ego/ account for his trans porn, to accompany his “gay” porn…

    All I can say is Good luck with that 🤣

  2. Steve

    When damage control does more damage eh? Lol

    The only other porn star I can think of who pulled a stunt like Colby’s was Dante Colle. He did something similar after he appeared in that horrible gay “reality” show “X-rated: NYC 🤮

  3. Marco

    This week’s selection really feels like a Jeopardy category..

    “I’ll take twinks with huge cocks for $400 Alex”

  4. NovaStar

    Wow this was a bad week god damn smh

    Danny D – sounds like it involved straight porn so i have no interest in this story

    Nico – how can anyone sleep in your car if you didn’t lock your doors in the first place? He didn’t mention that it was broken into. He should’ve whipped his the dudes ass, if any of this is true.

    Colby Jensen – i used to love Colby but once i saw he fucked women & then trans people, I totally lost interest, so to see him offer himself on Twitter (I still call it that) like it’s a classified ad in a newspaper is quite pathetic. Such a shame.

    Rocky Vallarta – if only his porn was as intriguing as that tweet, then he’d really be going somewhere.

    The Advocate – Sean Cody sure knows how to pick em doesn’t he? Smh

    Hoss Kado – gross. Just gross smh

    Spikey Dee – one word: Whatever

    Travis – he talks about confirming his balls as if he just cured a disease. Boy BYE!

    Derek Kage – here he comes trying to sell himself again. Girl BYE!

    Angel Rivera – i used to be a fan until he became like Colby Jensen fucking any & everything. And what the fuck is up with his teeth? Them grills ain’t cute but it adds to his ugliness to me so I guess it fits.

    Dante Cole – now Brandon’s “fart” tweet makes sense. The pic is more entertaining than many of his films.

    Gay porn continues to disappoint & these tweets are proof of the decline in quality. The men are awful. Sigh smh

    • Soothsay

      the only thing I could guess in regards to Nico is that in many major US cities, residents just…don’t lock their cars. Yes, it sounds stupid but (a) a locked (or unlocked) car is way less likely to be jacked these days, and (b) they do a cost benefit analysis (particularly for absent minded people) that taking any change on their floors or jackets left on seats is a smaller (and less time consuming) loss than a broken car window.

      Again, it might not make sense to everyone (it barely makes sense to me), but unlocked cars in cities are not uncommon at all.

  5. Reg

    I do want to like Tattooed knitter, but he’s Gay4Pay and doesn’t really do anything.

    He started as Danny McCaw on English Lads (urgh), where he only went as far as some mutual masturbating and dildos. That was a LONG time ago though. He’s used at least one dildo on himself on his OnlyFans, but then he teamed up with that PATHOLOGICAL Gay4Payer Josh Watson on OF and you’d think, “Ooh, they’re going to fool around together” but it’s all gay-baiting and them just Eiffel Towering women :-/

    • Mark B

      I guess his name is an attempt to associate himself with a famous real gay who knits, Tom Daley.
      Bzzzzzzt. try again.

  6. logogay

    Again mainly stories or news from straight/bi/queer actors or “gaybaiters”! No more interest. Gay porn is dead!

  7. baz

    Wow, that’s how many Sean Cody linked murderers now? Addison, Francisco and this guy?

    • NovaStar

      Sean Cody stays consistent that’s for damn sure. Maybe that explains why the sex is so shitty on that site.

  8. Deepgloat

    Spikey Dee: “contagious”

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